Namaste' !!!

Eye'm so Grateful for all Who have taken Your time to share You, Your spiritual strengths, seekings, & connections with me. Eye have implanted Myself... on my all too-long awaited endeavor, to follow My passions of growth & upRising of mySelf. .....My Art, Poetic Expressions, & Spirit.... they express All things from withIn..... (As eye began to allow MySelf to see again through "Spirit"- Eye've awakened & been freed, again!!!) Connected to One Creator, Creatress, Lover & Guidess off All & All Necessary..... of All=Being......Of All Created & suppressed. Eye pray that as eye grow, you will also, & that You may gain consciousness, Insight, love, peace, growth & light, in Our space... Here at Urth & Earth & In Your lives.....
Peace, Light, Love & Wisdom

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Two Thousand Twelve “We are Free?”

Two Thousand Twelve “We are Free?” Two Thousand Twelve, “We are Free?” Is that free to be who you say we should be? & then is that free?…..I didn’t have to pay for this definition or site…it was free…… Free: enjoying personal rights or liberty as a person who is not in slavery. Two thousand twelve, We are a Black people, “We are free” With the death of another of our brothers- I find the vision hard to believe; The history we’ve been taught tells a story- “Equality for all”, The definition I must have missed; We’ve lived to see another of our innocents fall, to the gunshot of “they” not all; My helium heart is full capacity……Can’t hold in the pain, As the resurrections- the truths of souls, have begun to flow, …..the speed & currents of a broken dam, It’s a tornado in my brain, spiraling down to the tips of my toes; We’ve known for years, that our painful journey never ended, As time progresses, Spirits reveal themselves…..confirming division was never truly mended; The death of young Trayvon Martin has stirred emotions… world-wide tensions, We’d like to lay here- heads covered, thinking these gasoline hearts are a thing of the past, But the blood running from the depths of my being is like fire, screaming- “It’s time to step up and stand up!” Fuck kissing ass! Unspoken pain, unshed tears, The voices of black cries for hundreds of years ……has to take a mic!…..has to take a stand! ……has to come together…. to become One Soul of Our Mother Land The un-inherited self-destruction we’ve taken on….. that is not yours! It’s not your own! Give it back…let it go! Look within ….it’s time to show----- ………. the world that We are human….. We are free…. We are One……. Trayvon are we…… No longer will we be stepping stones, We stand…. Stand together……For freedom is Ours to own; It’s not a gift, it’s a right, To walk in day, as well as night, To live and die, for the rights of Our Black Lives It’s time you see, like you….. We are free. ©LeTisha.Bowie 3/24/12

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cotton Candy Whispers

Cotton Candy Whispers
Looking north My feet write love aspirations into cool, soft mahogany earth,
As you had caught Me mid-inhalation from the depth of your peering into My soul, permeating through sepia eyes, into the base of a desolate- where love used to take home;
Afraid to look back up- I thought this sector of Self was gone, for fear of false hope……I smile slightly, with belly quivers, shaking my body lightly;
Suspicion & Uneasiness toss & turn within My Spirit, but  I take over- Look up….to see your Dark, Butter Smoothness waiting to take sup,
With, your welcoming eyes Speaking- I feel Your fears, Your pain, unshed tears……. “Can I take them please, My Precious Dear?  I’ve been searching for You for years.” 
Vibrations flow from crown to toe, from the gentle touch that speaks “I know.”
Eyes locked in understanding of My design to be your Moon, your Stars, to Move your Earth to be Your Sun’s Shine;
The pounding of our hearts are to the rhythm of the blue birds chirpppping…….
Making melodies unheard, only few perceive, but “We”- Connectiiinnnng…..
With words unsaid, make music within our souls, and Mother Earth as our bed;
As we sit Face-Face
Gentle touches, elbow brushes
Wind tickles, watching the leaves wiggle
Hands allowing Our Energies to intertwine creating musics of love lost, love desired, the truth of it, of love found,
I’m releasing slowly, a gentle love into your being,
Of energy held and treasured within me, for fear of betrayal…
I touch your face with feather delicacies, to assure myself that you’re real, as you whisper cotton candy in My ear….
Firm (spirit), but weak (spoken)….. “Don’t play with my emotions, I’ve been here before.”
As you’re whispering, “You have been somewhere Sweetness, but you haven’t been here- Your Treasure is One to Hold.”
Wanting to believe, because there’s so much unseen, unfelt, unknown- of Me….My Heart’s doing summer-salts and My Soul’s on fire.
It takes a true Soul Mate to know you….to know how to keep a fire lit, and to rekindle it when its low,
I sincerely and lowly speak these words and continue saying…
“This is why this sector’s barren…. Held for dreams, and lyrics
                                            Art for the soul-sick
And You My Soul Senual Brother…..King
May hold the lyrics to a New Song
One that has no end, as love
One that exceeds the sky- We can fly! Creating New Dreams of a love unseen…..
……Looking at the earth again…
……looking down
Thoughts wave throughout My Spirit….
I exhale the possibility that this…..that you could be true
As I look North again….
………..A slow anger manifest, as I realize….. I’m viewing the ceiling of my bedroom.
I’ve awakened from a beauteous dream, and I can’t move….
I’m wishing I could go back to sleep….. “There”
Knowing in this life I write of, sing of, wonder of a love such as   yonder……
Can’t help but ponder the idea that “We” could have been that One of a Kind team-
Can’t help but wonder if My Treasure could have been One to Hold, but then again- “It was” Only In a Dream.
Urth Eagle 3/18/12
© LeTisha.Bowie 3/18/12

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Impossible by Louisiana Purchased

*Louisiana Purchased* Encouragement to all of our inspiring artist/poets/singers.....whatever your endeavour is ...Be Encouraged to follow your hearts and your dreams!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Soul (Sole) Journey

Soul (Sole) Journey ~Interim~ “Then” “When” She meditates…. You see the physical being….existing Going about mechanical motions of life She knows the expected….the predicted, reoccurring shuffles of ever day…. and moves rotating in the Woman’s stereotypical life; the tendencies of quick, habitual, repetitious movements…..rotations, over and over, mundanity, insanity; tick tocks if Her inner-clock, Self-set automatic alarms, that have taken place of life’s spontaneity; repetitiously …tick. tock. day in. day out. year after year – ~“Now”~ she thinks of an ol’ dishrag, who has lost its color and flair, who’s daily performances, of the same… ol’ rag…worn, even so….performs its duties tick. tock. like Her…like a Woman ‘pose to “He thinks I’m a machine”……and thinking……. ~“Then, when 2 became 1”~ actually held possibilities of ~“When”~ “When” hope compelled him, and dreams inspired Her”….and “When” we had destinations to clench…. ~“Then”~ ……..we did….~Then~..…. together we “knew” the magical nexus that could be cultivated… ~“Then”~ ………..”Then” time paid Her debt…. ~“Now”~ in……. ~Interim~ She sits wondering ~“When”~ ~“When?”~ Where? went When? “ To be? “ Us? “Can the damaged, idle machine that –you- see….tick. tock. TICK. TOCK. Can you activate it?” “Can the damage, within Her, be repaired?…… …..forcing dreams, hopes, and lovin’, to work Her voodoo again?” ……“Once” there were no mechanical mechanisms running our lives”…. ~“Then”~…. And “Now” ~Interim~ in Her mechanical shuffles and robotic efforts… My inner sparkle is a lit fire, singing flaming-tones of redemption, …..burning through this temporary carcass Reclamation! Realizing that My dreams, desires, My being are within a contraption of the man-made, physical conceptions, of who I should be You see…..These ill-fitting mechanisms, fit the average, but they don’t fit Me “His feelings are his own” “Theirs belong to them” “Mine are in here”….The Eye that Am- “He doesn’t see, and never understood- I see, “Now” It’s the pigeonhole “all” are accustomed to….The “all” that has most mentally ensnared….The “all’s” puzzle that I have “never” been a piece of…that I will never complete….because I Am Me. ~“Now”~ Standing Still- Knowing that Eye’m One of My Own Kind- Accept Me Or Not We are Standing Still- Strangers and Strangely Friends, Lovers Even? “I wonder? ~”When”~ “When did this all take place?” “When will promise & vows fill interim’s position?” ….when all along my words have been mere knowing refusal has taken a strong formation to waste wasted time wasted life wasted effort….energies refusal of anymore waste of Self unrecognized preciousness……Individuality of Being “I refuse….I refuse to relinquish Who Eye Am” To be “Me” ~& Interim~ “I will no longer remain……living, awaiting death” “She needed him to hear” He listened, but didn’t comprehend: Her Soul’s sharing, Her Soul’s love Her Soul’s searching My Soul’s Heart’s breaking, for non-kept commitments, ones….meant forever to be pleasured and treasured…. Only seeing Me as an apparatus, that makes live livable & functional- “He’s missing the best of Who She is” ……in his contentment with the man-made, physical conceptions of what life should be….. “Within! My Free-Spirit runs wild, like an untamed buck, painting abstract canvases, only conscious-minds comprehend!!, creating songs from my soul, that have never been told!!, writing what starts as short stanzas, and up here ► emotions later…thoughts later…...pages la…..ter” “I am the lover of land, of flowers, of earth, of life and of the bearth of it!, in all of its beauties and all of its miraculous forms; I am the lover of everything that life’s worth, and of You.” …..sitting no longer, and ended meditation……….. “TODAY”…… I am a soaring eagle…….flying solo….. For my wings have grown tired, as I look over to see that you’re no longer flying in My wind, helpin’ to balancing the weight- helping to make this flight- ….it is, because you think that your thoughts are the only correct ones, that my wings have begun to squeak- I looked left and realized that my wings have taken metallicity….. I looked right and I see tarnish, but I know the shine that dwells beneath… I’m at dock “now” ….no longer flying, because the weight is too heavy ~& Interim Now…Today~ My bloom is at halt, having thought…. we were blooming together- planting a field of life-seeds, womb-spring, and moon-love…… Cultivating newness in all forms…… -I am a lone lotus A sole survivor My strength is magniloquence. Enough. Standing. “I remain- Me….in Life’s Flight In Life’s Fight” “I can’t thrive with you, if your growth is stunted, and we can’t win together, if we are mentally asunder.” “I’m reinforced for a Sole Journey to Soul Freedom ~When 2 becomes 1…….. -Urth Eagle Tisha © 2/29/2012 © copyright 2012-03-08 20:31:36 UTC - All Rights Reserved