Namaste' !!!

Eye'm so Grateful for all Who have taken Your time to share You, Your spiritual strengths, seekings, & connections with me. Eye have implanted Myself... on my all too-long awaited endeavor, to follow My passions of growth & upRising of mySelf. .....My Art, Poetic Expressions, & Spirit.... they express All things from withIn..... (As eye began to allow MySelf to see again through "Spirit"- Eye've awakened & been freed, again!!!) Connected to One Creator, Creatress, Lover & Guidess off All & All Necessary..... of All=Being......Of All Created & suppressed. Eye pray that as eye grow, you will also, & that You may gain consciousness, Insight, love, peace, growth & light, in Our space... Here at Urth & Earth & In Your lives.....
Peace, Light, Love & Wisdom

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I knew you weren't the deepest 
nor largest chocolate chip in the cookie,
but you were the heart, 
robustly standing out in the pack,
& I'm a Queen...
been searching for EverLasting...
Suppose as time progressed 
& I called you King
& you looked perplexed..

Should've been a clue to the rest...
Yet you 
determined to no longer be misunderstood 
as less, 
Or pushed to the back...

Filled my ears...
my head with heart, dreams, goals, 
& the hopes that this could last..
& the deep love for your daughters,
took made my heart a gasp,
Touched me as rare, ambitious, 
With an imagery spread wide & vast...
Over spring & summer rides...
& fall conversations...laughter & smiles

Your heart captured again...
A friend...
The hidden girl- behind the world,
Behind pains & sorrows unanswered,
Buried under shattered pieces of Her piles of self...

I lifted Me for another chance 
to share My Love...My Life... My Dance...
To be your take your hand...
'Til death do us part'
You were my man...

As love did doom
Trying this & that... 
trying to assume
What else to do?..what else to give?...
How do we live?...this way...

But i continued to grow within mySelf,
Because I've always been a Seeker...
WithIn Me... I found refugee
You...content standing still, 
shouting demands...
Questioning My elevation... 
with your man-house stances...
Rolling your eyes at my knowledge seeking...
internal wheels in motion 
& you refused to embrace the notion 
of "such nonsense"....
No interest at'al...
in anything i loved...
"Ugh do yo have to sing? "
"What you reading now?!"
"Yeah let me see...uh that goin' to sale?
..Why you paint stuff like that? 
Ain't nobody here gon' buy stuff like that"

No embracing or inspiration
but I inspired mySelf 
& My kids inspired me...
think Ma a professional...
"They should put you in a gallery!!"
... and they always bring daily glee!

& soon i asked Who are you? Where did he go? 
What's really....Going on? 
We've lost
this is no longer a home...just a house
filled with misery

You're back there & I'm in constant motion!
Seeking Me
& you're content
& you look at me like I'm clueless 
when it's you could care less
& I no longer care that you don't
For my efforts have been & are useless...
with you

You placed duck tape on my mouth,
Bound my voice,
And condescended my growth....
We grew into business partners
& I've gotten fucked out of the deal
Taken care of my business for years,
Having to squeeze time in 
just to take care of Me,
but Will gives Me strength...

No touches, kisses, or hugs....
jus bitchin' 
& i ain't a bitcher,
it waste My energy...
Unless fully provoked, 
then I knew...
The road had hit The Dead End...
Don't like to be pushed to defend 
My Own InnerSelf
When you don't even know yourSelf

Wondered for a bit... 
how I allowed it to go on so long
But a fighter gon stand 
to the very last straw
Allowed My Soul to be smothered,
My kids to suffer...
Fighting the battle for love...
Remembering & knowing 
true love can conquer all...

But the dart you threw clean through my heart
Caused me to trip, fall, come to my senses... 
The sight of my own blood & soul shed,
As you looked down & walked through it
Like...write about that I did

Layin' listening to the distant voices of my Wombspring
Was My blood transfusion...
My confirmation... 
of My Resurrection to Rise up for Eye Am!
A Conqueror
A Survivor
More than a mental slave of an imitation protector/provider
What My Soul pours & Reflects...
Eye will open My wings & continue to project...
I've fled mySelf to save My Life!
Your departure is welcome
Subtracting your strife,
you've given Me... My Daughter & lessons learned...
what you've given us is... 
more than you'll ever comprehend

© 10/16/12 LeTisha.Woods

Soul Protector

created a shield,
sheltering my heart
from the unwavering pain,
that heartache can bring…
of the imitations of love,
in the process, confining my will

still grounded…
I sealed
all the cracks with cement,
giving no more slack
to the feelings I’d always held back,
for the lack of reciprocity
or reception….
of my waxed love

friend, supporter, comforter, wife
peace-maker, cook, mother- through all the strife…
continuing through, in boundaries placed on my soul,
eventually, pushed me into a solitary hole…

they couldn’t comprehend the power of a Lover’ Soul,
so, unfulfilled in Self,
I still locked It down
giving what they needed…
& it didn’t stand the stormy waters
of a make-shift love nest
didn’t succeed
….caged love

so much more- Eye Am….
& I left the door shut on stipulated love,
continuing to fight the good fight per se…
with no light in sight,
no flight for my tapered wings,
I would sing….
“If I spend the rest of my life loving Me,
My Soul will be free….
because, at least I can give Me completely…La La La La.”

when there’s a gentle tug from withIn,
presenting My World a quick spin….
heart flutters & flips,
trying to figure out this feel….ing
that’s locked from the inside…
no outer entry parts….

& I begin to write….. sing more
dreamed & prayed aloud
something has a stronghold,
where no one is allowed….
the flow is pouring in fluently…
“No entrance here” I whispered
~to mySelf~
for I held no restraint
over the feelings touched with the faint-est
tickling my heart,
coming in like cooling water
from a summer’s spring,
lifting my burdened soul from
hell’s pit, I was liv…ing….

giving a battered Soul a kiss,
rocking My heart, embracing My pain,
blowing air under my wings,
lifting shattered hope, cracking a cemented shield,
giving this Queen a complete Love fill…
a taste of my Own medicine,
which had never been fully administered…
they weren’t equipt to handle the power
of such a love ministering….

and Soul to Soulstress fluxed & flowed
poetic Vibrations of Soul Power showed
surreal, blooming like four season’s flowers
a divine childhood friendship,
conversating over moon wine,
about heart breaks & seeks,
what Love takes, growing together,
true Love pleasures,
Soul Vibrations & Lifetime Comforters

with eye kisses, Soul embraces,
eating Love toast & drinking Soul cafĂ©’s,
over tunes of Sweet Love & Devotion….

how Divine it is,
to have my shield
knocked down from the inside out,
gaining a Deliverer, Friend, Soul Protector,
Lover & Comforter
A Man.
A King laying water down,
in a Locked Soul & a Barren Land.

© 10/18/12 LeTisha.Woods

Good Morning?

Anxiously awaiting…
hoping sleep does arrive this night…
been on the run from love-lonesome days,
& winter-cold nights…
I’ve managed to survive another day’s light,
filling the minutes & hours with occasional laughter,
distant voice & the joy of my children’s vivid songs…
preventing the heart from exploring the seemingly,
Inner lone…
…but Inside My night’s dreams…
I control My subconscious mind, body & soul,
satisfying the void that the days silently hold,

clinching tight & cradling the mysteries & magik,
as My rest unfolds HerSelf…
with fulfilled days, a peaceful home,
& the future She does tell…
nature walks, long talks, sunset blisses,
goodnight cherry kisses,
& double tongue-tied stems,
on the whims
of Love…
In a place where promise still lives
& will-power is Steel
& Still.
She awakens with me.

….as I give way to the hypnotic heart’s twists here,
alarms missed,
wishing nights last always… I hissss,
because I love like this!
but in my awake-ness
it’s dissolved or dismissed…
forcing mySelf to keep dreaming,
prolonging an awakening listlessness…

into My dreamish night
I Am…
filled with heart-warmed days & heart-filled nights…
Out of Sight!
where my love is the soul-dip,
in my hips…
we’re in the way too deep now,
SuperNova Lovers,
motions like oceans,
taken over by indocile emotions,
on cloud nine sin,
in matrimonial seventh heaven,
where the married bed is undefiled,
lost as we wish,
eating out of each other’s dishes,
executing soul desires
& quenching flaming, out of control fires
all the while igniting more,
as we explore
new places…with tongue, finger & toe laces….
but don’t extinguish Me!
I’m a Ragin-Rolla fuh Mine…
like My dishes spicy…

So glad You decided to dine,
for a night of pleasance in My Garden of Dreams,
because Here is where I awaken in action…
to make them Reality.

Good Morning.

© 10/16/12 LeTisha.Woods.

~I Love & I Know You are Love Too~

I Love
I love Love
I love Deep
Love raw, like soul meat…
Kissing earlobes, collarbones,
Hips, thighs & moans
I love from within the depths of invisibilities…
I love in poetic tones & exotic songs…
I love to have a Soul Who can meet Me Here,
I love to take walks through His mind,
tip-toeing through time,
down His spine,
massaging it…cuz’ that’s my kind…
of Love
I love giving All of Me & having it returned
over a glass of wine,
while we unwind,
with the world behind,
under the midnight sky,
living & dying for All that  Love Is & All that We create
I love to put the stars in His Eyes
& watch them light up the night, defining passion,
because no One knows it like We do

& I know You are Love
I Know You are Love, Too,
I Know You are Love, Too, when the light stroke within My chest,
feathering My Heart causes knee-trembles, belly-quivers,
& heart palpitations,
I know You are Love, Too, breathing hearts & arrows,
& sending inspiration & hope in barrels…
I know You are Love, Too
I Know You are Love, Too, building King from the dirty ass springs of Hell,
rising up out of encouragement from nowhere,
into Your God-Self, lighting the world,
with Your winks, from a twinkling star in Your eye,
which lights the nights,
& shines on the days,
I know You are Love, Too, laying a barren Soul before vultures,
taking their claws, teeth, knives, & feet,
yet, still wearing Your scars bearing witness to fresh flesh-meat
For Eye Am but Me.
One.   of What Eye Love.
One.   of Whom, but One Eye can Love.
One.   of What Eye can Give.

One.  of Who Eye Am,
In A Universe of Love,
Loves & Lovers fighting for It.
But Today,
I Love & I Know You are Love, Too.

© 10/16/12 LeTisha.Woods

ReLoading Ends

He took my heart,
caressed it in A King’s Hands,
whispering in due time…
We’ll cross miles of sands, oceans & land.
….consoling my pain, easing my brain
into visions of days in the sun,
with the only touch My Heart desires,
setting this Queen on fire.
Butterfly kisses on My temples,
happiness filling a void with delicate gestures,
of gentle touches, and eye kisses…
a moment in Life One dares not miss
for the journeys been weary & long,
but now My King has a home withIn Me
& Eye in Him….
& the rest of the world is dim,
as Our hearts melt One
& love has just begun.
I’ll climb heavens & earths to make sure Your #1…
I’ll dig hell deep to make Your smile last lifetimes….
I’ll be Your Fire & Desire,
taking You higher on Our love escapades,
as the sun fades,
kissing You into Madness,
taking You away…taking away Your Sadness….
Make love to Your Mind
& watch Your body unwind into a puddle of Me,
feeling the steamy heat of Our heart’s beat,
lifting the reigns of Life to His peak,
conquering His Queen & I love how good it hurts
to Give Me… to the One deserving of My All….
Who took the No out of “Bending Knee”,
made a liar out of me
and I tapout,
submitting to The True Love of My Life….“I do”
“I do”
as there will be no more ReLoading
That Book is Closing.

© 10/13/12 LeTisha.Woods.

Torn Feathers & Free Eagle Wings

Betwixt a boulder & a brick wall,
My wings don’t seem to stand a chance at all!
Feathers stuck between slivers of rock…
& each lift I make nearly knocks me out!

The sky’s opening is only a taste bud away…
& the air is my tongue’s hope, on the tip of a star,
at the end of the day…
I twist left & right, jump for a soar…
got knocked on my ass again, like it ain’t already sore…

there just seems no way out before night-falls,
no way in hell I’m gonna give up flight…
Freedom breathes through every pore,
….the breeze of air in my wings, with a song in My Soul…
“I know why the caged bird sings.”

I fell asleep in this gruesome tussle,
wings, feathers & energy all ruffled,
dreaming of Magikal realities,
in a rare night of rest,

& the fight was on….
I clashed about & scuffed my claws,
panting & determined, in the brawl
for My Life,
for My Wings, for My Voice….
My King…
just to Free-Sing,
another Love Song,
a goodnite lullaby of Sweet Dreams
& Rested Wings,
to go meet My Shouldered Heart….
safe on His shelf,
between the novels of Life & Death do Us Part,
which has been given for safe keeping,
until Our eternal meeting.

With knowledge & determination!
I snag a few more feathers,
Who gives a damn? It won’t be my the death of Me,
but staying caged in …will be,
I’m on a flight to Rescue Realism,
tearing MySelf to freedom!
Smiling with felicity,
No, it wasn’t with simplicity…
I let the crap just fall….
Wing Tips, Feathers & All…..
For the air flowing throughout My Being,
Feelings …
none “Ever” like it
& We will Live OurStory to tell It….
with the pleasure of Pure Spirituality…
Souls connected on the tips of Four Angel’s Wings,
bound for Ever-Salutations & Greetings Face to Face…

battered, scorned, hurt, & scarred…
I’m breaking loose from these fuckin’ bars!!
I’m in tact & Eye smile…
shaking My Feathers,
thinking of an Eagle Journeys treasures…
Aching & sore…
I soar!!!
…to the highest peak…
Inhaling air like nourishment, like a quenched thirst I’ve so long seeked,
while embracing the Sun’s Rise withIn My Soul…. missing Her warmth & light….
the ecstasy of it…..of the future,
gently laying my feathers at rests position…
& I sing an Un-caged Melody…
Shaking Tears, Vibrating from years,
as notes flow freely, filling the air…
I watch the trees dance & sway,
to New Melodies of A New Day,
& Mother Nature Melodizes with me,
as I lose mySelf in the freedom of the Wind & Song….
……“Not much longer…..”
Urth Eagle has lifted Her wings from a Dragon’s Fiyah withIn… to be Free,
A Love Song for You & Me,
coming from withIn, with no external entry….
Her Joy Now comes from more than a caged song…
Somehow an invisible entrance has been found…..
From the implanted Love of Soul Seekers,
spilling heart aches, heartbreaks, love seeks, and love spots weak….
Ever-Seekers, no longer needing to seek, but spill….
The pain & love lost,
for freedom and New Love’s Kingdom,
at All Cost.

©10/14/12 LeTisha.Woods