Namaste' !!!

Eye'm so Grateful for all Who have taken Your time to share You, Your spiritual strengths, seekings, & connections with me. Eye have implanted Myself... on my all too-long awaited endeavor, to follow My passions of growth & upRising of mySelf. .....My Art, Poetic Expressions, & Spirit.... they express All things from withIn..... (As eye began to allow MySelf to see again through "Spirit"- Eye've awakened & been freed, again!!!) Connected to One Creator, Creatress, Lover & Guidess off All & All Necessary..... of All=Being......Of All Created & suppressed. Eye pray that as eye grow, you will also, & that You may gain consciousness, Insight, love, peace, growth & light, in Our space... Here at Urth & Earth & In Your lives.....
Peace, Light, Love & Wisdom

Friday, August 24, 2012

Can We Make Soul Love?

sit down. will you? 
can we French eye-kiss?
can we? this time……
connect with soul vibrations,releasing tension,
from within your deepest desire’s destinations?

here,inside of you…..
where my enamored love lives…
I see where your weariness lies…
I see deep, passed your dark chestnut eyes…
I see the invisibility of your visibilities…

can I massage the ache in your brain? 
….from within…. 
will you,
allow me,
here, to release the nuisances & pain?
through the royal passages you hide, 
through the power I see within your eyes, 
I’ll enter into this pathway,
where all of You lies…

Magik traveling into your day’s worries & thoughts…
as life’s burdens occupy your mind….
I know it’s here that I will find
& feel your concerns, your aggravations …
your doubts,as its weight releases your presence,
into my grasp it lands, 
between the kneading within my hands…

unwind Baby,
let me rub the doubt right here
& the tire right there…
My Dear…
softly away
into nothingness, and my mind is clear…
upon your soul’s rest, 
as my fingers flow into,
within your deepest places, where you ache

rotating circular hand-motions in, on your internal shoulder blades, 
where pain wishes to reign,
but is obliviously dismissed,with the power of a crane…….
rubbing throughout, & easing out all distractions in your brain,
erasing before,implanting right now,
love rains down passim & we welcome submergence in Her steamy heat 

mutual muscle relaxation,
under my fingers & palms I flavor,
in simultaneous ease at your comfort, I savor..
the passion & love filling the air’s space, surrounds us,
intoxicated on love filled lungs & souls,
silky soul touches slowly & gently consume our bodies,
sending spirals of spiritual, vibrational connections channeled One to One

I spinal inner-circulating,
within You,
sending your tensensation-vibrations from here into nowhere..
my mind feels your needs from within, 
You're feeling me Wholly,
in the One-Ness that Is…
as I’m rotating on center-axis,
about your inner flesh
around Man-Ness,
centered-ness waistline….
‘round strength of My Man’s being Soul connecting

My Soul…Your flesh….
& here we Greet –Raw Soul …to Raw Soul,
unbuttoning your chest-wall,
completely releasing your pressures

climactical, soul, depth wanton, desiring…
Our French kissing-eyes locked,passion & water- filled …
your stressed released & relieved presents smile, 
having forgotten the spoils of your day,
looking into the love of Your Queen,
freely willing to take all that away

happily unforgotten pressures,
indescribable words transformed into whispers of soul love,
as you unzip my flesh,revealing my barred soul,
with a smile,now, understanding the key you sought,
dwelled within you all along,
I smile back coyly,
knowing, some keys are only released with the desires of freedom, wisdom, trust & truth 

& Now, 
Spirit to Spirit
One Soul
~raw~ love exposure
exploring each other,
from most interior places,
in Our invisibilities,
all too often overlooked,
the Pertinent sections within the Best Sellers…
the keys aren’t always found in the contents sections or the index,
~It’s Within~
the keys to love aren’t always found in the past,
those were lessons…
the keys take home, within the present,
we live to go forward, 

the clearly visible, but unclearly seen beauty in front of our faces,
we look past,
yes… “lessons in love” are found from our past,
but keys in love are found within now,
because it begins within “Us”….with Self.

Unlocked & no longer two, 
One Soul 
Possessed by Pure Visible Soul Love
{whispers} Now, Can We Make Soul Love? 
...from True=ly within the depths Our Beings.

©Copyright Protected LeTisha.Woods.Bowie 8/18/12

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Sacrifice is Not Yours

Sacrifice:  to offer, to surrender…to give freely of yourSelf…
to and for the sake of things or people,
for your devoted love and value of them.

My sacrifice may not be yours, nor yours mine.
ours are ours, and to take away the love of either’s,
for personal motives, understood or misunderstood,
leaves room for Self-evaluation;

in life, as mothers and as parents,
most of us, we do the best we can manage,
though in living it, some tend to pass judgments,
without knowing each other’s circumstances;

you see, I may sacrifice my lunch for my child’s supper,
you may have sacrifice your evening for a second job to keep suppers,

I may sacrifice my evenings for chaperoning & participating…
at band, strings, and sports events,
You may have sacrificed those same activities for your peace…
You may have sacrificed those events for finances, in which you had to work…
& many of these, you just couldn’t reach…

I may struggle with finances to keep mine active and of the streets,
while you worked & had to take the risks of leaving us house to house for keep,
until the oldest could raise the youngest,
& then I was the piece of peace keeper…

you see your preachin’s of “keepin’ your pants up and knees closed”
“cuz you ain’t bringin’ no babies in here for me to raise”
never went too far…
they reproduced more than just child,
but resentment of the fact, that I felt I was raising yours…

as a child, not understanding sacrifices,
nor wanting to, when you’re dealing with touches unpleasant,
& threats from low-life peasants,
then, My peace never came….
answers nor understanding never came…
after a while, a gift of life did,
reality hit a homerun,
& your replay in my head stopped……
Not recalling when my childhood started,
but “My” life had begun

I may run my like I’m in a marathon going for the gold,
Like a rugged dog,
the sun’s rays making the end look nearer,
the pavement looks like the water is just a lil’ bit closer,
yet the race is nowhere near its end,
to be home when my babies are home, and home when they’re asleep,
while you singly worked sometimes two jobs,
to care for the lives of three,
& I was taking care of your two;

Your sacrifices, the surviving single Mother,
doing the best you knew how,
You did the most salutary of “Your” Being,

Mine come, a married Mother,
of Today, doing the best I can,
to love from the knowing of Your strength,
not the callings of what some may consider Your error,
the error is of the ignorant, malformed minds, of those you entrusted,
& entrusted,
in which, now I cannot.

Who would I be?
What of a Mother would I be to repeat, yet not learn of the paths We’ve walked?
I’m making My own sacrifices that work on My journey.

I “will” give up my plate.
I “will” stay up late.
I’ll go sleepless nights.
I’ll superlatively climb all heights.
I may not pass your test,
but I’ll be here to make sure they pass theirs.
I may not make “every” concert, every tournament, or every game,
but I’ll try.

I will sacrifice my rest, to show my face.
I will sacrifice my weariness, to take my place.
In the stands, in the bleachers, on the floors….yelling their names,
letting them know,
“Mama sees you!!! I’m here!! You can do it!!”
I’ll sacrifice my life!!!!

& I no longer blame you,
as I did, when I was a child.
the sacrifices you chose are no longer mine,
the ones I choose aren’t yours…this will be my fine.
“You” did the best that you knew….
What you had to do…..

Know that the memories I don’t own, I will instill into mine,
the ones I retain, I will kill to prevent,
Don’t you condemn me for the weight of My Own will,
Sure the force gets grave,
And let it bury me in the Earth!
But I’ll sacrifice “My” life, for the lives that I birthed!!

In Your sacrifices of love, for financial stability
& a lil’ piece of Your own peace,
Unwillingly, You sacrificed pieces of me,
I can only speak for the 1 child of 3,
I can only speak for me,
we all have our own story to tell,
My lessons, I learned well,
when another man’s work day extracts too much from My child,
That’s when My sacrifices to them are done,
it will be time to put that chapter in the file.

©LeTisha.Woods.Bowie 8/11/12

Eye Am Alive

stirring from many nights of sleepless turmoil,
her heavy tear-stained eyes slowly elevated & troubled heart stilled,
she inhaled…. with the knowing of another day’s breath of life,
& exhaled with the fearful possibility of hope

rising….she methodically walks, as her mind is surpassed with thoughts…
realizing that She does have “a pot ta piss in”
& at least “a windah ta throw it out”,
drawing promise from Her soul,
because it is Here, where there’s the only presence of light!!

recognizing the wooden planks beneath Her
that may not sparkle with marble or fancy stones,
yet, “Her” Earth doesn’t peer up & through, at her,
as when she was a child,
& each step caused shifts…
smiling through its cracks, down there, waiting to catch the lil’ girl

“Her” floor’s strength, without fancied enchantments,
“does” hold Her…it holds
holds warmth from the wintry weather ….
holds coolness during summery seasons….
& holds reminders of childhood memories,
reminding Her, that these days could be worse,
today she knows she must go on

anxiety tends to dominant Her Spirit & Soul,
& her mind says, “Just give it up; there’s nothing else you can do.”….
“You can’t can’t even buy what your family needs from you….”

it doesn’t matter what She tries……She just doesn’t seem to have the glue
to hold these masses of matters together,
with everything She does and all that She’s tried,
with all the heart She gives…She always falls short…

then one of many,
a young man tells Her His Story…awakening Her
to some facts known, but easily overseen by life’s loads
rousing Her Soul…
She does have a home and family…
… least today…
which He’s never had,
and she knows she must continue toward Her destiny,
she knows she must go on

after walking the rain, to shed tears unseen,
summoning strength incessantly, from ever & always,
meditating, praying, reflecting, being….

uplifting is all She knows to do
working, supporting, standing in the gap….
is what She was raised to do,

Being, Doing, Inspiring, Speaking is all Eye Am
 ….it is Me
Trying, Persevering is all Eye can do.
to Be the best of Me…
Even though it’s won me no medals…
won me no fame…
it’s given Me Me…
it is all that is left of Me,
after giving MySelf, for the lives of everyone else,
to be trampled, like the overlooked beauty of fall leaves;

now, Eye’m asked to give this up
again, when it’s what’s saved me before,
from the very same life’s struggles,
the struggles?
 Is that what Eye’m giving me up to defend?
the ones that never end?

time to put your children first?
“My” Miracles! They have never been anything but,
since I birthed!!”
there are many days I go on, because they’re here!
days for “mama’s” time are rare. ….

you’ve given & taken from me here,
all at one time….
the pain is inexplicable,
as I endure questions with no answers, over & over again…
I walk away once more,
living with your peculiar replays in my brain…out on a limb…

My words?  My art?
My words & My art hold me here!
these are My “only” pieces of peace!

your opinions allow no room for the cares of My heart’s purpose…
the purpose of My being,
the purpose my mind can still cling to sanity, 

now I know why you don’t care to hear the things I express,
it’s not because you don’t understand,
it’s not because you can’t relate,
but, because you feel your sacrifices should also be mine

you don’t care to know, nor do you care to feel
that these are the reflections of your days, my days, her days, his days,
our hells, our heavens, our smiles, our joys,
shone from within the stories in my way…

our pleasures, our pains, our pits, our graves, our resurrections!
our steel ladders and uprising,
lunging us from the tombs of life

Eye’m still accepting this expression of “your” love…
in Your way, because it is yours…
you again, give me words,
and Eye thank you for them… still.

Eye thank you for throwing dirt on my grave, unknowingly;
because today I still rose…
& it is still fresh, as Eye take whiffs of earth’s aroma,
as Eye, “again”, dig my way out,
still lightly & freshly covered, taking my walk;
dusting myself off, lighting an incense,
Eye begin to proofread “Eye Am Alive”

….Eye love you for you appraisal
your criticism, in my disapproval…..
today is another day, Eye’ve engaged in life’s battle,
Eye fight to go on, for My own dreams;
for a change, for a chance,
as Eye show my children how to fight for theirs.

as Eye look at my headboard fall apart, Eye smile.
working an honest Goddess’ work day every day,
Eye look at my bills overflowing onto the floor & I smile;
because Eye have a bed, and I have a floor,
as long as Eye work,
as long as Eye work to live, whatever my choice of work may be;
as long as Eye’m the example of engaging in life’s war, for The Soul’s Dreams;
as long as Eye’m the example of engaging in the battle of life, for The Soul’s Destiny,
Eye’m alive.
Eye thank you for the revelation.
I will write on.
Eye Am alive.

©8/10/12 LeTisha.Woods.Bowie

Beast Love for My Sistahs Spoken Word

Black Queen.She

Monday, August 6, 2012

& the Walls Come Tumblin' Down

….my folk! you quite theater doe’
presentin’ yurs a mesmerizin’ sho’,

they all reminiscing ‘bout stable careers, childhood dreams,
of romance scenes,
‘fo adulthood kicked dey asses into real  Awaken-ings,

& true horror stories b’came realities;
some choose ta watch yo movies, scene afta’ scene,
as if, dem sho’s in demselves, would fulfill dey dreams

while otha’s fully conscious of da bullshit you spit,
ta keep one captured, wit yo chain, ball, & trin--kets

smooth as a gentle, summa’s breeze, as yo mouth flo swept our minds, 
simultaneously it cut raza-blades into our souls,
our struggles, weren’t the fairytales you tol’

yo appealin’ ol’ happily eva-after’s,
& dey lived happily eva- after’s,
it ain’t da truth of da lives we wish fo’-
t’ain’t tales of da shed tears, of the workin’ po’!
t’ain’t da truth of our disembodied ancient ancestors soul’s cryin’
fuh ign’ance ta set our minds free!!

let’s tell’t like’t is “my” folk…for da love of you!!

da facts of dis life
dat we livin’
…ain’t cutting no deals
…it’s time ta get real,
while you swag’n suave’, wit yo hella-dip,
Kangol hat tipped to da side,
cigar smellin’ sweet….you like a rat,
spewin’ a cavity-filled, mouth full of lies;

to yo own fam …
freedom- searchin’ souls….
not truly givin’ a damn ‘bout our goals,
only how many of “our”dolla bills you can fold…

Carin’ less of whose mind’s or spirit’s you’ve sold
ta ya new massa, fuh today’s get rich quick scheme…
sellin’ yo’ stage play, over-nite quick-fixes to yo’ own folk,
even tho, ya don’t believe in ya own joke no mo….
spuing false hope, hidin’ the soul you lost to anotha form of coke

flashin’ yo’ wand….feedin’ hisStory’s miracles out yo’ magic can,
at da cost of anyone’s energy, dat will ride on yo desert land

compensated smiles,
you beginnin’ to know yo err’, yet know no way out…
continuin’ ta nourish yo people wit da ign’ance until we all in drought,
instead of spillin’ yo Awaken-ing…
da deceptions….da lies
learnin’ yo’self…
teachin’ da way ta self-education

Free Truth!!!
but at da cost of a few bucks & our soul’s health,
Resurrection …..ReBirthin’ of a nation,
you bring us death.
rather kill yo family, than ta uplift & save even yo own lousy soul,
fa pieces of temporariness, that ain’t even yo own.

The ever……Our inheritance….Ours
tryna seekin’ the truth…
turning the pages of destroyed, with a fine toothed-comb,
while you lovin’ some impermanent specks of gold, nice car, hella-home…..

at the cost of climbing yo’ masters ladder,
a lil’ pocket clitter-clatter,

my love, just a message of wisdom
…..soon as ya step out of line….
rock bottom gon’ sound mo’ like a thuDDah

We’re watching in despair, but…..
We’ll be lookin eye to eye again Pretender…
My Brotha’s..…My Sistah’s Keeper..….My People’s Slow Killer…..
And We’ll say….
 “So glad You’re Awake, You can take your mask off now, You’re back home…
    let’s get to work, there’s progress being made here… We’ve been building.”

©LeTisha.Bowie 8/5/12

The New Handmade Collective

Just decided to take a small break between my writing to introduce an exceptional group of handmade Artisians!!!  (Below I have listed the information about The New Handmade Collective Group which can be found on FB, Etsy, & Tumblr....Check Us Out!!!

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What if I have a customer service issue?
The Handmade Collective is a collection of the works of participating artisans. We do not screen artisans nor do we currently have an application process. All purchases made from the artists will be done via their own website or 3rd party vendor, neither which are associated with this fan page. Please take the necessary precautions when providing your personal information online to any vendor. Please consult your artist about their return, exchange and shipping policies PRIOR to your purchase. We are unable to handle any customer services issues related to a specific vendor.

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Saturday, August 4, 2012


long before “we” were born
we were lost in visions of unilateral beautalities…
& we are…

ere “our” time,
theirStory blanketed ours,
their truth had been bought, taught, published… was
and so it was digested…it was learned;

we’re living it…each of Our life’s times’ now,
as our elders lived each of theirs’
& She’s tried to present Her place…
& we continue to leave Her homeless…
going on suffering our inner wars,
having belly- toils, pain laced hearts & sick scars…

trying to cypher internal confusions brewing,
wondering why we had to sit perfectly still….for hours at stoves,
scalps sizzling, like Nana’s beef stewing,
chemical straighteners to look someone’s “norm”,
attempting & attaining unbent coils,
to appear like the acceptable, trying to outrun the eyes of our storms,

increased internal & external damages,
at any cost…. We did… We do…,
as if our birth crowns are sins…,
having stomached the sayings of “the presenters….of their truths”

we lost all adoration of Self,
“No love of Me”
Our torment…“pretty” by their standards,
not by individual true rights,
…by the measures inoculated in black souls,
completely blinding Our sight

not only by slave owners & masters of straight hair and blue eyes,
*got that- straight, not straightened*
But, by the comfort-ability of Ourselves!
….accepting deplorable value, by those of no higher measure,
fighting not for the beauty, the power, the love within,
the strength of ancient, of all times, where there’s no need to pretend.

Now, some seeking & conquering Our reality,
finding lost truths & connecting roots,
do so, only to have condemnation & judgment
thrown at our self-enlightenment,
from our own blood.

denial of the never-known,
of OurHistory,
knowledge of Self & Self-love,
that which was never lost to us,
but never known to us;

pain inherited…. Impregnated…
unconsciously, anciently severe…
none has chosen to be…
to be “them”, to be “you”, to be “me”
to be “us”
……we were giftedBlessed!
yet, never embracing or conquering old fears,
nor hurt, pain, or confusion….the tears,
…the internal enslavement of Our souls for years!

it’s time to fight the oppression ….time to fend!
to break the cycles of mental & intimate slavery! Time to send…
the message:  they “thought” they were free,
& then so did we…. now we see…
…..the time is at hand.

…free on the paper and soul shackled,
externally disguised & internally confined,
fronting the part of someone else’s lie…

refusing to stand for freedom, to love Your Natural Beauty…
God created.
Yet afraid to demand…
to awaken in peace, In the color of your own skins,
In the puffiness of your strands, The curves of your stance,
In the erotic-luptuousness of your lips, The fullness of your hips,
The strength inherited!!
The way You were created!!
Created to remain in the image of Our production!!
….the images of our perfect, brilliant reproductions.

why must we alter us to fit the diseased minds?  …
whose mental states, refuse them the capabilities of vision,
of the beauty in uniqueness, but instead created divisions…
It’s because we’ve contracted the disease

But there is a cure...
Its name is Awaken.
Awaken from your slumber.
Recognize the spell we’ve been under.

“Such beautiful full coils, just pin it up right there…Cute.  ...skins dark and smooth….”
“You looking so good & fine my black man….You love this song too! Let’s groove”.

… she walked away from the mirror.

Look into the mirror.
….Into Yourself
Know Yourself.
We were created The Image of Beauty, as it exists at all.
Recognize what’s going on around us, knock down your walls.

OurStory is diminishing,
being completely replaced by hisStory
know yourself and the truth of yourStory.

© LeTisha.Bowie 8/3/12