Namaste' !!!

Eye'm so Grateful for all Who have taken Your time to share You, Your spiritual strengths, seekings, & connections with me. Eye have implanted Myself... on my all too-long awaited endeavor, to follow My passions of growth & upRising of mySelf. .....My Art, Poetic Expressions, & Spirit.... they express All things from withIn..... (As eye began to allow MySelf to see again through "Spirit"- Eye've awakened & been freed, again!!!) Connected to One Creator, Creatress, Lover & Guidess off All & All Necessary..... of All=Being......Of All Created & suppressed. Eye pray that as eye grow, you will also, & that You may gain consciousness, Insight, love, peace, growth & light, in Our space... Here at Urth & Earth & In Your lives.....
Peace, Light, Love & Wisdom

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ambrosia Love ~Spoken

Ambrosia Love

~plastering the wounds of Her,
with overflowing affections of HimSelf

~feathering His fears & bruises,
with Her wing’s delicate embraces

~He lifts Her high,
supporting the indescribable Queen She Is…
enamored in the bows of Her dark, brown eyelids,
as they close, then reveal their moons,
consuming all of Her pain…dreams...Her wishes,
loving the fullness of Her lips,
the vibration of Her hips,
to Her sugar-coated, warm breaths,
that touch His soul,
with the richness of truth

~she picks Him up,
elevating the King that’s undeniable,
adoring the midnight depth His eyes speak
& soft lips don’t surrender,
inhaling His pain…hopes…His desires,
admiring strength in the width
of his broad, chocolate, shouldered protection,
the command of His stance,
to his nectar flowing ardent breaths,
that brush Her soul,
with the gentleness of the truth

~she blankets His King Soul,
~He cloaks Her Queen,
as they implant mutual Soul therapy
and pleasuring needs,
~WithIn Soul vows~
of ancient friendship, devotion & honor
for lifetimes…
~They are~
One sweet, flowing, Ambrosia Soul

© LeTisha.Bowie 12/22/12
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Saturday, December 22, 2012

dat true Powah of UnIty

U talk wit 1-sided mouf piecez!
tryna use reverce Sikecology
on yo’ own Men, Wombmen, child!
Xer0-x’d copied under-thoughtz!
over-processed spittin’!
not even yo’ own!

less systematic educashun
don’t mean less knowledge,
at timez, less of it Iz mo’
but you ain’t uzin’ da head
on yo’ necK ,
holdin’ yo’ own damn shouldahz!
ova-feedin’ of da bullshit, you half-digested,
layin’ less legitNess in da’ communitez,
Recreatin’ mass destrushun
of a ‘created’ minority!
who ar’ you? da new oppressah!
eatin’ all da’ hogwash thrown out,
da useLess rocky groun’…
versus fertile soil….
& searchIn truth! seekIn fuh yo’ damn Self!
feedin’ yo’ sub-standin’ shit 2 Our massez!
tearin’ down yo’ own,
with negative energy!
Replayin’ inhibition?
Ar’ you da new suppressah of yo’ own?
in yo’ ignorance!
….of Our Wombman! Our Kings…Queenz!!! Our babiez!!!?

I’ve neva digested forced food well…
belly sick-swelled…
neva been able 2 hol’ down ingested ca-ca…
the sourness…
self-centered, ill-minded implantashunz,
as it don’t rest well fuh me or my Lovez,
and it heats…it boilz in malady,
burnin’, then so, regurgitatin’
what shouldn’t be….

Thy Spirit does tell….
I stand still…
meditatin’ on da’ false outerpretashunz
of selfish bein’z…
da’ blindness of unintenshunz, of ‘tenders…

revealin’ da necessity 2 Be…
watchFull, CareFull, Intuitive
2 continue 2 seek,
Invokin’ da strength and Powah from withIn

turn yo’ shit clockWise!!!
in Our UnIverse
in Wisdom, We go 4ward
you’ll decline in yo’ malefic!!!
fear and asSHez you b-come!!
az We resurrect
less of you
2 nuthiNess, wit yo’ debasin’,
of yo’ singularity,
presentin’ a costume of “We”!!!

if  U ain’t Upliftin’
stop perpetratin’
stop discouragin’
degradin’ your own!!
dis Is The Uprisin’
One Love!

©  LeTisha.Woods 12/21/12


No one knows ahead of the times, 
the sorrow life will bring,
No one knows ahead of the times, 
the spiral of changes in life we will spin, 
in this world of hell's rings...
No one knows ahead of the times,
the emotional joys & turmoil’s marriages will endure,
But Any who know Love's worth 
& can ride the tide "together", 
surviving the storms, 
absorbing wisdom...
with every turn!
changing Self for Self, 
with  willingness to obtain knowledge,
will have Gained... 
to better circumstances,
stabilizing the rocking boat...
Will  in the endssssss, 
have Gained wisdom... 
to tell the tales, 
of how Twin Souls, 
who meet & stood the tsunamis of life...
overcoming them with OneNess....
... to later  sit around the bond fires,
reflecting The Truth
to Our youth

~Urth Eagle Tisha. ©  LeTisha.Woods 12/2012


love Is.

love IsssSssmiles.
it Is the peek of
the boisterous womb laughter

sea of vortexes withIn
it Is…

the fear of the pain of It!
the dread of the loss of It….

…all the same
we seek

“You can’t catch me!!”
insp-Eye-rer of merry-go-kiss-me-rounds of
          got it!”
….the “go get it!”
         “ catch it! digest it!”

morning. noon. eve. midnight
Souls search for It.
heart-races. hope-In-faces.
chases. tear-laces.
erases. retraces.

of what Isssss
‘un-hidden’ chuckles.

lovin’, swirlin’ swims
then. now. forEver.
wishes, dreams, reality….liv-Ing
that’s It!”
It Is So!”

sea-Ing Your Lovers face glow-Ing,
reflect-Ing Your-Own-Self,
in the very face You adore….

withIn the watery eyes You look Into…
You see “Your” Love.
As You are “One”.

feel-Ing Your fingers,
when It’s….
actually Theirs…
touchIng You,
kisses without lips,
Souls osculate!
mouths of hearts merge
Into a magik light
it Is love,
drawn from Inner BeIngs,
only felt of long-loves join-Ing….
seek-Ings. find-Ings.
true love.
Soul’s vibrations.
Love Is,
withIn the places of In-visibilities,
where ….
backs bend limbless You’s,
fingernails graze bodiless Souls,
toes curl sheets,
cotton head, chest hair, & plush pillows merge Two,
chest & breast bench press weightless affections,
as thighs canopy love rain,
upon lush, cushy, bottomless found-ations
created of lovInNess
Soul’s eyes roll-In’
in dat of ol’-fashioned nesting
of nothIngNess, of externalisms that account
Love is UnIverse.
U n I.
seeking no longer…
no peek….no boo….
found Love’s peak
withIn U & I
the Soul’s Eye….

~LeTisha.Woods © 12/11/12

The Deep

“Her” softHearted-ness “Is”
reflecting pure, soul compassion
binding two’s,
into One’s
the abstruse-ness,
depth of “itSelf,”
in kite-flights, with the breezes,
navigating as the wind…
never missing a season,
“She” wins unpredictable
planting the beaut of roses,
into the soul’s minds,
….the delicacy of eye-lash-brush kisses…
“She” never misses…
to grant wishes
“She’s” an Un-forecasted storm,
raining over delightFullness,
gifting Spiritual-emotionSensations
to Love’s culminated heights,
Creating Soul vibrations,
manifesting magikal truths,
departing quickly, from granted takers…
conceived at Our births…
Deep held…
withIn “Thee”
…… “with….In”
“She” “Is”
showing smiles of Joys, that overcome,
the inner belly tickles of pleasure, causing wanton of more,
peace, contentment  & patience, that endures… “She” delivers,
that “Is” in the DeepNess…
“We” must Awaken
the blissful core
© 12/5/12 LeTisha Woods


You will stay
& hurt in hope...
You"ll hold bitterness & lose faith...
& pain...
Leave, because of dishonesty & unevenly yokedness...
Processing whether to quit or continue to seek...
& You will stay
too seeing if Love has grown there...
Any Maturity?....
But! You keep going......
Having grown 
You're longer seeking...
But, growing withIn...
Who You Are 
existing In the unseen
For You gave birth to it....
from existence...

You Rise! & Rise!
To Love's Occasion 


♥ © (11/12) Urth Eagle

Poetical Dialogue

exchanges of power-filled, performed colloquies
screenplays, spoken words, poetical vibrations….
Energies & emotions…. individuality….
feeding souls,
of the Divine manifestations,
from withIn….
of love…pain…joy….sorrow…confusion…
all that thee gives & inhales,
kills & awakens….
In gifts, to givers,
for minds of reach-ers,
of seekers,
the non-sleepers,
who flow melodies,
from within the depths!
up the chest!
whispering & lifting in songs….
writers, visionaries, educators, education seekers,
leaders, readers, artists,
Us creators
…..Late nights
into the morn…..
awakened to the movements of Inner callings,
Inner cries…..
Of Us
of Them
& we move to the beats of Our many hearts….
to bring! to carry! to execute!
gifted…blessed arts infinite,
freeing ourSelves….
freeing Us
then night’s rest soon greets Us
if only while the star’s shine this night,
and we awaken
pouring life
into the seekers…. the hurt…. the lost….
the lovers….
& when we’ve exhausted it all for the moment…
we spit it…we sing it….we write it …
we flow it….
into existence
Into beIng… touch the Hearts & Souls
that we hear nor see,
yet the feel-ings….. are real

& we gift peace,
from Our gifts….
praying to uplift….
diverting in all ways… forms
to many hearts….souls….minds
working the internal crafts….
given to reflect light… to energize
my colloquy this morning comes at 2am
to my sibling Poetical Soldiers,
in all shapes, fashions & styles,
who share my sleepless nights….
that we know it’s taken,
replaced with blessings,
for we are blessed,
by our Sisters & Brothers blessings,
freedoms of the unconsciously shackled,
the burdened….
for the universal love We share….
for all,
which may not be in our sight….
but in Our dark night we hold light….
still not knowing the all-power of its possession…..

as weariness sets in & my eyes finally grow tired,
I know Our rest will come in abundance,
as we answer the Inward cries…
with Our outward soul sharing….
Our universal love vibrations,
that we digest…
all that lay, take conception withIn Us….
We birth hope, courage & possibility…

….during these restless nights
& My Souls smiles,
as I turn out the light

© 11/26/12 LeTisha.Woods

See-sons Change

I look into my season’s changing…
orange leaves blow in the breeze’s chill…
I ride against life’s cold tides,
with an intimate fire
& steel of my Will…
inner fleece-lined apparel…
body embraces,
shadow traces… of once,
are lessons that fill,
shivering up the in~tHernal elevator
of Divine,
reveal-ing revelations of my Soul…
& seizing the non-physical,
the antediluvian rooted love matter,
conceived & embedded….ever….internally

& my cherry-sunburned cheeks,
carrying a blushing heart’s smile of tomorrow…
releasing the fleece,
I caress the air upon my limbs,
as the ignition withIn my womb, no longer dim
births Soul fire healing…
the invisibilites of what see-sons brings…

season changes…
the leaves will fall,
sprouting emerald surroundings again,
with stronger roots…
equally, we stand
accompanying the wind’s exchanges,
suckling it in,
see-ing changes,
the Sun flutters Her shine upon Our limbs…
Season & Eye
newness of life’s continuous births,
welcoming the Spring baby drizzles
& showering away impurities…
drops & puddles ….I twirl in….
lovIn the blooming souls & hearts sproutIn…
falls colors…..I see….the world in…
to Winter’s rotation again,
there’s a fire withIn!
the knowledge of Power’s Will…
of a UnIversal NaturU’s synchronized ability!
We greet… join,
in celebratory,
See-sons change

© 11/27/12 LeTisha.Woods