Namaste' !!!

Eye'm so Grateful for all Who have taken Your time to share You, Your spiritual strengths, seekings, & connections with me. Eye have implanted Myself... on my all too-long awaited endeavor, to follow My passions of growth & upRising of mySelf. .....My Art, Poetic Expressions, & Spirit.... they express All things from withIn..... (As eye began to allow MySelf to see again through "Spirit"- Eye've awakened & been freed, again!!!) Connected to One Creator, Creatress, Lover & Guidess off All & All Necessary..... of All=Being......Of All Created & suppressed. Eye pray that as eye grow, you will also, & that You may gain consciousness, Insight, love, peace, growth & light, in Our space... Here at Urth & Earth & In Your lives.....
Peace, Light, Love & Wisdom

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Life-Long Winter

it's cold outside, within the mainstream of frozen stone-hearts & iceberg souls
consistently surviving these winter storms, I march on, trying to keep my pace,
trying not to fall into the cracking iced pavement beneath me,
I hike the mountains, steel-gripped soles,
with all my might, determined to peak, determined to fight,
even amongst this life-long, blizzard's coldness, that beats against my high set cheeks,
stopping...but, only long enough to notice the Sun's shine...
...long enough to notice that... currently, we're actually facing Summer's glory
& I see Her glowing, apart a quick moment,
as I have to keep my pace quick, to win this race,
which seems abnormal in growth, looking down upon weathered & beaten shoes
my feet feel bare... as bare as my heart in this second's stare...
...a second steal a stare, & life appears at a stand still,
as I momentarily, stand still, knowing I still feel Winter's rage...
& Eye Am grateful for an anchored Soul,
for it is here that I go, to regain sanity's sake,
withIn... to remind mySelf that Eye Am...
that...that... this hold I must! Keep, as I feel mySelf in weak-ness

a slippery-sloped pavement's map,
a lesson to my seeds.... this life's a battle yea...
but, you have to refuse the poison of its disease-s....
its greed.....&
...some call it a living hell
& this old spirit of mine has a hell of a tale,
as 'Eye Am' replenishes Her own warmth daily,
keeping a weary heart pumping,
surrounded by a cold world, full of infected minds, trying to freeze souls
& when this body wants to succumb to the will of 'Its' death....
the beating of my ancestors' ancient drums sound off within me,
refusing my feet to become as like the hardened ice beneath us,
because, this mirage society feeds is some tricky shit,
yet, Eye am the Earth beneath my feet, the air in which Eye breathe....
the Urth that will continue on, with a Soul shrieking song,
crying out to the beating of my feet!! as they pound the ground,
with a reminder that Eye'm still in this race!
& I continue on consistently,
though I will not always, consistently continue on “this way”

& I hold to the internal conflict of ….
a “once upon a time” weariness.....of Her life's struggles
… the refuge of “the soon to come,”
melting away of the the external frozen slivers,
greeting her destination, before another frozen soul emerges ice

© LeTisha.W.Bowie 6/22/13

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Blind & Deaf

speaking to deaf ears
mouths a constant, overflowing dumpster
corner-shelves of drawn shit,
awaiting the funk monster to dispose of it..
quickly, before the repetitive refill

standing still,
yelling to broken spirits & deaf ears,
overfilled for years...
with inactivity
& I beat the drums of ears softly,
with Our wails, until they become shriekkksss!
Our rivers of tears spill, from My heart's tip,
onto pages & pages
Eye peer through tear bubble-filled scopes,
looking around Us
“We have to awaken!”
...become a part of 'The Rising'

in 'this' reality,
which 'is' a southward spiral of a Divine race...
we chant, we argue, we plead...
of this new day,
of the great unity taking place,
yet, Yet to be seen...
but not only are present ears deaf,
the delivering eyes must be blind,
to the increasing innocent bodies lying
of our men, wombmen, children...
we're continuosly finding...
by the wayside,
day by day by...
& My Soul's ears mourn, to the distant Mother's wail in the wind, for a child gone too soon,
& My Soul's heart outcries, with the Father around the corner, banging the door railing, for a son gone to soon,
& My knees surpass my ankles, hitting concrete pavements, to the moan of grandparents
who lost their child too soon!!!

& sit awake at night wondering why We can't see,
how magnificent the power of Our Love in a multitude could be...

...the rapes, molestations, the diseases
this shit ain't on decrease family!!
& speaking unity ain't nothing,
if we ain't supportin, & upliftin Our Brethren!
...only a sermon, being flushed out to sea,
with the rest of the gradually washing-out ,
man-made, religious mental slave mentality

looking passing seekers by,
looking our spiritually broken Sisters by,
looking our mentally tired Brothers by,
shouting unity over their heads....
cus they ain't got the grammar down,
cus they don't sound all educated, conscious & fly

My Soul breaches Blood & pours pain...
over & over again,
watching Blood dog Blood...
& yeah, I've heard...
“Just cus they black, don't mean they blood”
but what Eye do know is....
live long enough to find out Who you are
& you'll remember what color you are too
…..when you're out trying to survive in this world...
“Oh there will come a time”
...when you will be informed... of just who you are
You just better know...
& Blood gone always be Blood...
“& You will remember, regardless of your shade,
You gone always be Black.”

& go on
hindering Our unity
spoken to the communities
unconscious of one fact
a circle goes round & round...
“How much longer do we chase our tails rotating it?”
...degrading the very faces, facing us in the mirrors
One another
Our Ancestors Love...
getting nowhere, we're losing grip
while, trying to grasp It
the truth of Her Love,
...Her knowledge....Her treasures

Impregnated, withIn the deepness of all that We seek,
we'd rather watch Our brothers dirt-smother,
in the pit of this corrupt shit,
than to lend a hand, for fear he may rise above,
instead of rise beside you...
as One...
It's time for Us to get a grip over OurSelves
if you ain't bout Ours,
back back, so we can take Our positions,
It's time to be bout this mission
time has shown & does tell,
no one else ever will

write a few lines, spit a pile for the Mother Earth's Crew,
gotta get into Our Souls and do what we need to...
heart, soul & feet
else all talkin remains in vain
& that new name means nothing
to a child who has no idea what is means,
who can't get a job, due to the same ol mobs blocking pro-gress,
who ain't got a dime, in a society that don't give a damn...
determined to keep us rammed in the hind,
don't give a damn whether we live or die,
watching & laughing.....
as we fight, kill & belittle Our own kind
stompin & dumpin Our every move...our every effort
as Our people walk by, heads down, faking pride,
tear-stained souls, unable to break the keloid pain barriers,
unable to feel Our voices,
to feel the leaders...
because there's no walk, to Our talk

Blind Eyes, Deaf Ears


I knew you weren't the deepest nor largest chocolate chip in the cookie,
but you were the heart, robustly standing out in the pack,
& I'm a Queen...been searching for EverLasting...
Suppose as time progressed & I called you King
& you looked perplexed..

Should've been a clue to the rest...
Yet you determined to no longer be misunderstood as less, 
Or pushed to the back...

Filled my ears...
my head with heart, dreams, goals, 
& the hopes that this could last..
& the deep love for your daughters,
took made my heart a gasp,
Touched me as rare, ambitious, 
With an imagery spread wide & vast...
Over spring & summer rides...
& fall conversations...
laughter & smiles

Your heart captured again...
A friend...
The hidden girl- behind the world,
Behind pains & sorrows unanswered,
Buried under shattered pieces of Her piles of self...

I lifted Me for another chance to share My Love...
My Life...
My Dance...
To be your wife...
to take your hand...
'Til death do us part
You were my man...

As love bloomed...
so did doom
Trying this & that... 
trying to assume
What else to do?..
what else to give?...
How do we live?

...this way...

But i continued to grow within mySelf,
Because I've always been a Seeker...
WithIn Me... I found refugee
You...content standing still, 
shouting demands...
Questioning My elevation... 
with your man-house stances...
Rolling your eyes at my knowledge seeking...
internal wheels in motion 
& you refused to embrace the notion 
     of "such nonsense"....
No interest at'al...
in anything i loved..
"Ugh do yo have to sing? "
"What you reading now?!"
"Yeah let me see...uh huh...
is that goin' to sale?..
Why you paint stuff like that? 
Ain't nobody here gon' buy stuff like that"

No embracing or inspiration
but I inspired mySelf
 & My kids inspired me..
.think Ma a professional...
"They should put you in a gallery!!"
... and they always bring daily glee!

& soon i asked Who are you?
Where did he go? 
What's really....Going on? 
We've lost love...
this is no longer a home...
just a house filled with misery

You're back there
& I'm in constant motion!
Seeking Me
& you're content
& you look at me like I'm clueless 
when it's you..
.you could care less
& I no longer care that you don't
For my efforts have been & are useless...
with you

You placed duck tape on my mouth,
Bound my voice,
And condescended my growth....
We grew into business partners
& I've gotten fucked out of the deal
Taken care of my business for years,
Having to squeeze time in just to take care of Me,
but Will gives Me strength...

No touches, kisses, or hugs...
.jus bitchin' & i ain't a bitcher
,it waste My energy...
Unless fully provoked, 
then I knew...
The road had hit The Dead End...
Don't like to be pushed to defend 
My Own InnerSelf
When you don't even know yourSelf

Wondered for a bit... 
how I allowed it to go on so long
But a fighter gon stand to the very last straw
Allowed My Soul to be smothered,
My kids to suffer...
Fighting the battle for love...
Remembering & knowing true love can conquer all...

But the dart you threw clean through my heart
Caused me to trip,
come to my senses... 
The sight of my own blood & soul shed,
As you looked down & walked through it
Like...write about that...
so I did

Layin' listening to the distant voices of my Wombspring
Was My blood transfusion...
My confirmation... 
of My Resurrection to Rise up for Eye Am!
A Conqueror
A Survivor
More than a mental slave of an imitation protector/provider
What My Soul pours & Reflects...
Eye will open My wings & continue to project...
I've fled mySelf to save My Life!
Your departure is welcome
Subtracting your strife,
you've given Me...
My Daughter & lessons learned...
what you've given us is... 
more than you'll ever comprehend

© 10/16/12 LeTisha.Woods


written for the performance "The Naked Truth" in Alexandria, La
group of collective Poets & Poetess' "Poetic Expressions
at the Alexandria Art Museum

Canopied in the warm bed of your embrace,
The tick of the ol grandfather clock 
hasn't the second to tock,
And I'm chocolate laced, 
within the taste, 
of your lucious lips upon my face,
As you trace...
my favorite plaaa-cccesss,
I'm entranced... 
by your spell-binding stance, 
Which claims a matching demand to mine,
And my inner song smiles,
to touches tender,
From kisses depth....&...lips to necks....
Soul's breathes...
hissing through clenched teeth knockin', 
To our bodies rockin', 
Temperatures reaching a higher peak,
Wonton becking....& we pull closer,
Which we can't get to, 
without your throbbing, 
entering the pearl of Her gates...
Her heart's palpating wet,
And I...
I kiss your pants with quickening desire,
Knowing you feel this fire,
As your rock ready, knocks steady, 
on my breast, standing at your attention,
My belly...thighs...eyes
Control lost
Voices soft...gasps hard...
As we continue to explore
Every inch
I'm melting beneath your licks,
Quivering mid soul's flames
throat moans had been held,
Now conquered by your love's spell,
As you take me higher...
I exhale cum in my love,
To the grip of trembling thighs, 
Pulling you inside... 
as you bite-moan my evey location,
No longer are we at the same elevation...

Higher even...

I say
my humble abode


And we create love moanin' harmonies,
Slip, slide, you dip, I drive...
Licking...squeezing...pleasing Ourselves
And you cradle me tightly,
Filling me with All your goodies...
Inhaling the silky smoothNess
Of your exhal...
                      ing my name
"Let it rain..."
Layin withIn the Love we made
Ummm Hmmm

(C) LeTisha.W.Bowie 5/21/13AKA UrthEagle Tisha

How Much?

How much truth is in the dreams you sing? Into my ears... Sounds of ol school remixes, that my hips sway to still Making an ancient Lover's Soul harmonize in duet, To the melodies, of vibrations long ago, but presently felt Swooning how you'd deep laugh my tears away, Bathing me in temple kisses,  deep, hearty squeezing's missings, Be my everyday, sweet homecomings,  morning's, noon's & midnight's Lover, Honey

Whispering the caresses of a lone bod,  Delicate winging my womb with you, My baby dimple thighs smiling hellos,  As you taste My Yoni Lovin' overflow...

"Yes" is your reply, on replay, & I say...How much is truth in the life you speak? How long will it last? This pamper-Do... Would you really last the EverLove so True? ... longer than the last?  Or will my lovin' too, overflow your song atlas?

.....because, you say you see what they can't,  what they saw too late... "Do you know if you can love 'One' forever at this rate?" Because that's what She is.... Love. ...Forever

Your song... My unsung melody... In a tune that's been a soul's song unlived? Believe/Believe? 

To risk another fracture,  upon my keloids... To risk more pain to heal?

Can We fulfill Two wanton Soul's desires,  Of fires still lit, despite hits & misses? To eternally drench One's Souls  with the unselfishly given,  again?

Can We join flames, lightning dark days  & warming cold nights? Inner fires nesting, plenty good kindling, Planting blooming Love anew,  each season For no other reason,  but Love Because, there's no better reason No feeling more pleasing...

How much truth is in the dreams you hum?  into my open Soul's ears... My Soul composes the melodies of My dreams, Which live in me,  & I labor Her birth, Bearing repetitive Braxton Hicks contractions, Now skeptical to let her loosely, In a world where gifting pain comes so easily... Once taken for the slaughter,  She ran back withIn To safety....yet living strong

So.... I want to know if your songs, your hums,  If your melodies are reality? Or do I continue withIn the safety of my dreams, Awaiting the Soul Conductor, to my composition, With a love that touches the pit of my Being,  Swimming all that I Am, reaching the sea withIn Cus my Love's dream song's real,  & this One I intend to Live

(C) LeTisha.W.Bowie 5/20/13  AKA UrthEagle Tisha

Deep Touch

The touches remembered, yet years ago passed,
that time has replaced…
center a transparent, cold tempered glass,
I smile, reaching for the comfort of your tender warmth…
your embrace…
grasping for your shoulders, your waist…
your arms, your face…
and suddenly…
looking into my hands, at the emptiness which has been placed,
as my heart awakens to the realization of void’s presence…
She tumbles through my knees, to my feet,
to the null expression...the mask that used to hold your face...
but, this Queen’s Soul still has a demand what for what She needs,
as I look at a man I once knew,
yet in front of me no longer stands,
at a shell remaining, of “once upon a time, ” in some other land…
only memories… as life has shifted,
we drifted…
playing the part of lovers,
living the lives of business governors,
filling occasional needs that are long overflowing,
filled, but not fulfilled…
which can never replace the ‘deep touchin' my soul’ kinda lovin'
that thick, in the midst of midnight tears kinda lovin'
that unexpected pain....
....time rotating, lastin' the years through it kinda lovin'
that inevitable everyday strife of this life kinda lovin!!!
because, It Is! ….Lovin’s Deep Touch,
Her Fire's belonging, that holds Souls up!
It is the withIn light, that shines, permeating the darkness..."O Love!"
& I say withIn... that’s what’s up
as I peer into empty hands,
with empty answers filling my ears,
I am Love...
I Must be filled
if by chance you ain’t hearin’ me,
continuously, backing away from this full-course meal,
you know I always keep it real,
I’m gon’ speak it a bit brassier for ya…
so you can hear the deal...
I’m a Queen awaitin’ a One of a kinda King,
that's about that Forever Unity Seale,
......that can fill (feel) me
& ‘One’ Love that I can deep feel (fill)…
with The Deep Touch
greeting withIn the depths,
touching wounds that love heals,
One who who has a Lover's time,
to relax and unwind We,
Swallowing hell all up in Our heaven...
I'm waitin on My Number Seven.

©LeTisha.W.Bowie 5/2/13

SpeechLess Conversation

lovin ever second of how you do you,
even from the furthest, you send love's vibes...
keep ridin my high,
as I adore the sounds your silence speaks,
peeking through every crevice withIn me,
invisible love letters float about,
formatting words into love tunes...
absent of audible sounds,
reaching the unseen depths,
holding me bound, by speechless conversations,
surpassing all that infinite words try desperately to reveal,
creating what produces touch's wanton to survive,
setting fire to Her desire...
to Be...
the way we touch the sky & picnic seabeds,
making soul love, soundLessly...
communicating with embraces,
that have no need for arms,
gently ringing-around Our Soul-sies,
waltzing with the wind, in which we correlate...
silent conversations of lovers...
superceding the power words
Infinite, yet..
they never manage to explain the height of 'this'
loving ever second....ever breath...
of how you do you,
speaking into my deepest rhythms,
hidden in places where hopeLessness lied to me...
and in 'these' moments...
your lips that move me, never move
none more endearing and breathtaking,
as Our Speechless Conversations,
before you literally take my breath away.

Copyright 5/3/13 LeTisha.W.Bowie
AKA Soul Evokin UrthEagle Tisha

Happy Anniversaries

turn your lights down low
make my knees wobble wit it
midst the lavender candles dimly lit
as I drop
cus I’m blitzed! ragin higher than hot
lick it
nah babe, it ain’t time to stick it
let me fellate you 
hell! suck you all around
up & down
simultaneously feelin your shivers
while your magik touches 
cause my body quivers 
feel me moan on it, “mmmm..that’s it”
as you finger my pearls
drawing me into another world
feel me drownin your body 
into my warm sea of jewels
anxiously ready to ride the tides of your motions
& how you doin it slow
“I’m gonna give you some gooood good lovin,
Oh Eye!”
Ummm….you set fiyah to my Urth
when you know I’m so ready ‘now’ 
to cum to you
& give birth to dah real sticky …wet…
cus you & I know that’s how we do it
cum slip into heaven
rock wit me tonight
for all time sake
slippery hot
chocolate bodies
bite! Ummm
shakin, vibratin, 
we inHertwined
ridin & dyin for our lovin, 
one more time
lick it, stick it, love it 
Fuck It!!!
Neck bitin, nipple kissin, 
pelvis smacking, chest & back scratchin
damn deep dive me
now love me
cum here withIn my watas
feel what good lovin do to this Goddess
one mo’ ‘gain
happy anniversary!!

© LeTisha.W.Bowie 4/24/13
AKA UrthEagle Tisha