Namaste' !!!

Eye'm so Grateful for all Who have taken Your time to share You, Your spiritual strengths, seekings, & connections with me. Eye have implanted Myself... on my all too-long awaited endeavor, to follow My passions of growth & upRising of mySelf. .....My Art, Poetic Expressions, & Spirit.... they express All things from withIn..... (As eye began to allow MySelf to see again through "Spirit"- Eye've awakened & been freed, again!!!) Connected to One Creator, Creatress, Lover & Guidess off All & All Necessary..... of All=Being......Of All Created & suppressed. Eye pray that as eye grow, you will also, & that You may gain consciousness, Insight, love, peace, growth & light, in Our space... Here at Urth & Earth & In Your lives.....
Peace, Light, Love & Wisdom

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

undress my soul?

he says he cares enough to undress my soul,
that his stomach can digest whatever lies beneath these heart's peels,
says his love is unlike any I've known, a story I've heard before,
but let's not rewind,
you say it is strong enough to turn back the layers,
even those healed & sealed over, reaching the core of me,
where you can bury your heart here, for safe keeping.... it Home
I'll just let you know...actions are the bones,
which hold the foundation together,
despite my warnings that, “this here ain't no play thang...
see the stratum withIn Me, has been composed of a tougher skin,
with each day's lesson....learning that it doesn't bare the thinness
of the new lovers, in love, in the new beginnings”
….a protection, from love's enemies,
holding not one bit of respect, for the places of entering,
willing to open One,
strip by strip,
with the intention of body embraces,
a dip...splashing...then, make a dashing disappearance act....
unaware of the wiser's soul power,
foreseeing the lust, & I must let you know the deeper you get,
you best put your big boy drawers up,
withIn ....lives my profundity, none to be reckoned with,
if you want to play, don't put 'you' in the position to get caught
withIn my strata,
wrapped in a weaved web, which regurgitates the artificial,
my taste buds recognize authenticity sooner, rather than later,
synthetically placed emotions, have built Me a stronger core,
impostors....cause my soul to enfold, once more protecting Eye Am,
if you care enough to undress my soul...
one layer at a time.... will reach you, my depth
& if you find yourself meeting me here,
uncovered will be the agape love,
one for the never-forgetting

© 8/27/13 LeTisha.W. Bowie

soul dressed, ready to spill

Through many situations, many of life’s variations
I liberate words from deep channels, overflowing into poetic spillways
of highs, of plateaus, & at the weakest Eye still flow- strong
from where I’ve come, to my destiny, to dreams manifested, from withIn me...
or the reality of living what’s been placed before me, as truth,
either way, relentlessly Eye project, from within the depths of me,
surpassing those who have tried to hinder my pinnacle,
I’m only one of many, told that our people were of the least,
yet knowing in my heart, there’s much more to the untold,
my soul bares a never-ending cry, a hope, a dream-
a piece of the puzzle, that was supposed to be deleted,
Our ancestor's capturers….yeah they did the most,
created a tangled web of the truth, a road block to our roots,
which is being torn down bit by bit, as Eye see truth peek through the myths,
we began to see the verity of our being, we will then…
and only then... understand, the so professed least ‘is’ the greatest,
are we...if it was not so, there would have been no invasion,
stolen goods, mangled bodies, twisted souls,
bloody heart hemorrhages, babies & families bargained…
if we were worth only the nothing preached,
we would’ve been left One,
free soul shedding here, as eye ponder, more than often,
how easily we erase ourselves,
at the same time angering over the erasing done in the original thefts,
embracing thieves who have never given our life value’s respect,
yet we still wear ‘their’ way,
please don’t misunderstand me,
but do understand,
I’m not encouraging hatred, but I stand for truth, for what I believe
& the distorted history & pain that's is Indwelling,
Is within my belly & sometimes I have to expel…
'The' desperately desired to be buried...
Exhaling…busting open the gateways of souls,
when I come...I'm coming bold, with my all,
so that we can rise up from this fall,
in which, some chose contentment & call it home....after all....
after all, we comfortable aren't we?
through many situations, many of life’s variations
I liberate words from deep channels, overflowing into poetic spillways
of the souls of many Eye pour, if only touching a few here & there,
internally I can't go on, without touching the forbidden truth...
without filling the depleted waterways, every day that Eye may

© 8/18/13 LeTisha.W. Bowie

prolific soul

it's unnecessary to find or uncover, this overflowing current is spilling over,
inhaling earth's aromas, I'm fertilized with infinite words,
increasing knowledge, soul herbs, a dash of pain, pure love,
some laughter, pinches of perplexity.... much pleasure
the blood of today's revelation-
as dirt's tossed to & fro, trying to cover me,
Eye inhale Her freshness, for She Is Me,
implanting my feet in what they consider debris,
shaking the sprinkles from atop shoulders & bosom,
assisting firmly grounded ancient feet.
See...these are the same of my ancestors,
who were bore for battle, sturdy roots, we still stand together.....
wombs, souls & bodies for life's unpredictable measures,
lacerations gifted, antediluvian healed still,
taking the power of shed blood, nurturing Our Mother Earth,
which they continue trying to kill
Eye don't dwell, where closed minds set me to rot

Allow your Soul's Ears to hear me,
Eye may be in 'this' location, the destination my 'body' began,
but Eye lift me higher & higher from fertile ground,
soul rooted, sprouting everyday, against storms,
stronger Eye stand
Ignorance bears strong winds against my wings,
but Eye brace (Ea)Urth & soul soar,
with nutrients from withIn, blowin seeds into worlds,
over yards, miles, lands & oceans, seeds of resilience,
because we were created to bounce back,
our minds have been hacked, gotta get that back,
back against the storms,
we dance, we jump, we sing in the rain & wind!
Knockin boulders back!
Aggghh!!! growin....standin like the Great Boabab, Soul's whistling
& She beats an Afrikan drumbeat 24/7,
because it was born In Me,
the invisible... Eye hear, Eye feel …..
Eye no longer suppress- If they don't get Me...
fuck the belittling, along with the rest,
hmph... I'll only give pardon for the sensitive folks,
not that Eye care, cuz Eye'm gon flow like Eye flow,
sometime frustration & anger got their own flow....
stared at & questioned for being who Eye Am,
What Eye see & how Eye feel,
…....that not only is Ancient Power being manifested,
the 'Truth' is being revealed,
Eye carry My Ancient power,
my seeds of inclination like Eye breathe,
because Eye Am Love, Eye am unity,
the ReBirthing of the truth in Souls is Me,
remembrance of the beaten, the killed, raped, the sold,
seeking to capture & love the awakening hidden,
my soul connects with my family everywhere,
without the working of my mind,
so fuck who rebuts me, get the hell behind

they're missed in this turmoil-ed world,
because of those who pretend to fight for the same,
doing the same, blinded by the game,
the politically correct quotas,
praying for deliverance from the capturer,
all in one same breathe holding to the demon for very life,
too thirsty for the lil permitted gain
to conceive they only get, as far as permitted,
climbing a borrowed man's ladder, using a skyscraper on loan,
than building Your Own stolen brother...nation...Home
Eye ain't playin! Eye meditate, internally radiating,
wearing my emotions & passion so strong,
I never knew, until a few, who have love for me told me so,
Eye smiled....Eye love.....
& serious looks are but a deep reflection of It, from withIn,
I could never explain, I carry It so strong, it's hard to erase some days,
coming from a place that never stops speaking, never stops thinking,
never stops implanting, therefore sometimes, stops sleeping.....

much of a minut portion of my soul...
my's what I give I've been told,
and yet the words in my mind still flow....
but I'll end this one here...
My Prolific Soul

© LeTisha.W. Bowie 8/18/13

poetic canvas in motion

been admiring your word play for a while,
from a distance, rightful reservations,
yet, the mere pleasure & enjoyment
of an inner magnetism,
poetically pulling at my roots,
emotional pencil-strokes,
painted sexual persuasions,
vamped up descriptive tongue flow,
each morsel, all the more tastier
but, ain’t nothing more delicious
than indulging in the will of your words,
as actions move into word's way
& I must say you’re quite a display,
beautifully chocolate-dripped canvas peace,
up in my soul's mind,
crossin' my visual palpitations,
elevating throughout my nature,
rock-a-bye babying my mesmerisations

beguiled with your way,
your sway... silent word's rays,
strongly...gently uprooting my vibrations,
making A heart give way,
with execution, from pages, from lips,
sip by sip....captivating this body,
every belly butterfly-winged-tip
& soul conversations...
“the way” poetry & action concoct...
touchings to my satisfaction,
setting fire to flames
needing to catch my breath,
but, you quickly catch it for me,
in tenacious, cryptic kisses,
upgrading the heat & free flowing furnace
ablaze lower quadrants

knowing this physical affection,
which was birthed withIn the Unseen
will melt us....
into puddles of sweet cocoa & sienna swirls of love
I pressed
my need into your plead,
freely permitted
my love to run Her currents.... slowly painting
a permanent seduction
tree root deep
into the breathing treatment you're giving me
swiftly sifted away into your gentle, manly
into your desired persuasions, withIn my own
feather kissing the tip
of your high,
& you gripped
my imagination,
with your sexy vibratory aura...
sending ineffable sensations,
causing mental arrest,
lovin' on your firm flexes,
in sync
we ride,
sack deep in your sway,
words incomprehensible at this degree,
our motions are poetical slow saltations
E-Motions fill it up
& I'm lovin' 'your way',
your heart’s lips,

lost withIn my home, in you
all control lost, in this universal slip,
licking my lips,
in the pleasures of your length & measure,
as you cum-prehend 'my' love potion,
no place, time nor words can describe,
this insatiable, slippery, hot mouth ride in motion,
this soul explosion of bodies knock-rocking
no worries & sensible sounds are bound,
I'm filling you & you're filling me,
for 'actions' are the motivation of heart & soul lovIn

poetic love fluxing, soul to soul,
nothing to hide, no need for facades,
homes is the place, that lives withIn the hearts
of souls
releasing all aches, pain, weariness, tiresomeness,
into the Real...
where I found actions, to words
where my love runs tree root deep,
in search of a 'feel me'
that 'fills me'
& when you “feel” me,
I ‘fill” too, completely.

© 8/2/13 LeTisha.W.Bowie


Whether high or low,
don't doubt my flow.
I'm driven by a soul fiyah,
an internal desire...
is but for peace,
thought-provokation & elevation,
as truths are revealed.
I'm bout that revelation...
might be extensive,brief,
raw,razor cut-throat or butter-soft,
but my authenticity can't be denied,
with every emotion I'm feeling,
I'm digesting
& I'm feeding,
tryna educate, heal & motivate...
some stories may be mine, some yours
either way I'm flowing daily
to inspire mySelf & others too
Push forward, make a way
when no way seems possible,
when there seems not enough
& at the same time too much to say,
when my energy feels depleted
& at the same time my soul pours profusely,
my heart flows abundantly...

It's who I Am.
….giving strength to rise,
despite the despisal,
learning to embrace the fact that
my give a damn gave out
those who don't matter, 'thinkin' they know
& I'm all-right with that...
I'm all-right cus they “think” they know Me...
...about who 'I' Am in this world
& the less I think of them, the more I have to give
the more I see of Me, the more of Me, that I Will Be

ain't tryna be who I ain't
just tryna live it out- Who I Am
finding Me Out
& ain't many, but few
& the few who Know Me, Know Me
Know that I'm real
You ain't gotta ask nobody else what I feel
matta fact....You ain't gotta read it here

See it's harder to rise, keepin it all up inside
so I let my Soul flow
from the depths, I feel no need to hide,
the same smiles, fears, laughter & tears
the same scars on the walk, that we all pace as we live
….just different paths
knowing we all have battles, just different fights
I hear much, listen extensively,
talk less & don't have time to judge,
as I'm tryna get Me in this life,
aligned in this world...
knowing only what's revealed to me
knowing I'm bout keepin it real,
when this could either elevate or kill me,
some folks don't like the real ya see,
life ain't peaches & cream
& I ain't one to help paint a picture for dreams,
I give cream when it's smooth,
& take a damn pill when the shit's steamy
cus that's what I do

whether I'm high or low,
don't doubt my flow,
I'm heated from an internal fiyah,
lit deep in my soul...
unpredictable, yet predictable still
like the weather,
which ever way She chooses to go,
You know She's comin,
& when she comes,
She's comin 100.

© 8/1/13 LeTisha.W.Bowie

jet flow

vocal, honest, serious…funny
with a dash of joy & pain
rolled up into a brown shade of beauty
hidden from the insane…those that choose to judge ‘us’

costumed in “correct” grammar, with a southern twang…
relaxed hair, looking the part, we’ve all unconsciously auditioned for
in a society where our true fruit would be audited for imperfections
too light, too dark, mind too slim, ass too wide….
not lookin’ like the rest &
ya’know err’body pose to be/look/act the same, to past ‘their’ test

Oh… grammar got twisted again….
….Talkin bout me or you?
Talkin bout ‘me’, knowing this life is one ‘we’ all see
Gotta play the game, to be accepted
You can choose to refuse facts, but reality won’t let you forget it

never free….It was never me
& decided to undress the suffocating wrap surrounding me
coming home, shaking my wings
the blues, crying from within…I sing
knowing the juice that flows from within my soul
wasn’t/isn’t considered acceptable
& ‘we’re’ slowly dying inside these molds

my sanity could no longer be contained
I burst clouds with thunder, lightning & rain
within this worlds insanity, cocooned as protection
but only protecting a shell, while my heart was asphyxiating
smothering my soul, living disguised in hell on earth
I let go of an appearance that didn’t embrace, nor reflect me
holding ancient manners that I had never known,
but known forever…. as the drums beat throughout me
unraveling truths revealed by standard setters

I remind’em….“Don’t let the smooth flow fool ya.”
I Am All that my roots have bled
All seeds bore, I Am that worth
no longer will I willing allow suppression of who we birth
for those who refuse to see my thirst
for individuality, uniqueness and the royalty taken
I knew that I knew…. before I actually knew
I sought for a truth that is in my roots…..
…with a fire… venter embedded

today I continue a journey of elevation
for mySelf & soul’s salvation
Could give two damn’s about who chooses to Accept me..…
Or Not…..I Am
hisStory may have suppressed, but never erased Us
I Am
of the many who live, rejected by our own
trying to reflect ourStories, revealed through soul & bones
& every revelation I see, I will implant seeds
into my deepNess, & ‘every’where I can’t & can see
I will flow Self-Worth, Determination & Worthy Pride
because, we have no reason to hide
the truth Is…
We Are more than we were taught, more than we were lead to believe
We Are the worth…. of the battles Our ancestors fought
We Are the roots of existence,

seek prior to what was revealed to us
prior to the diaspora…
OurStory didn’t began with slavery, nor will it end with it
My womb will not let suppressed truths die
as calms come, the fire within my belly ignites inside
to ram lies into their Hell, with their so called sins
tales taken from ourStory, twisted to scramble our mental
keeping us under subjection
got Our people fucked up with this constant rejection

don’t ever allow an outsider, who could give a fuck about you
to convince you that you’re sisters & brothers aren’t enough
I ain’t painting an illusion or imagery, that can’t be accepted
Nah we ain’t perfect, but no one is, despite what we’ve accepted
told it’s just a matter of perception….I don’t believe in rejecting….My own
for the sake of likes & fake ass smiles,
yea we’re on different levels, but the miles to walk are ‘Ours’ together
some have chosen to face & embrace facts
while others still hold to the acts, who aren’t where we’re at
once it was unknown to you, & still much unrevealed
unchaining brains…will only come with patience & time
from years & years of broken backs, hearts, minds…
shed blood & tears

Unwrapped & soul free
Loving Self & the GodIs in Me
One Love Family, Let’s Git It!
Ase’ O!

© LeTisha.W.Bowie 7/31/13

giving up

you say you still love me
You say you still love me?

I'll never give you the, “I've heard it before” lines
because, you know that I have,
through the strength that I'd gained,
from the heartache in my past
& I've learned through life & pain,
not to hold that past, as shackles to what I'm trying to build & maintain

You say letting go is too hard to do, when you really love some one
now you know who I am, I'm always gon keep it real
there were two parts to 'this' vibration, when harmonies blended

you began to yield... to an inner self arrogance & pride
that you withheld, when there was no need for pretending,
I like shit straight to the point,
spoofing should be held, for those who choose to ride the train of 'chance'
I love the rain, but don't pull me out before I dance in it

it prevented a solid unity, creating a huge divide
you know my kind, we been here a while,
Eye Am a rid-a die, who has chosen not to remain chained,
following the bloody droplet stains of my heart,
cherishing memories from a distant beginning,
but stopping not a second longer, in this stunted ending,

continuing to digest lessons & once again, strength for elevation,
knowing the heightened fire withIn me
can no longer endure, an unsure heart,
mouldering my goals & smothering my soul's desires...
right here, right now....Eye feel you,
& wonder if you hear the repetitive notes,
producing no tunes, which play-out before they begin...

Eye listen, no longer able to hear,
no longer in anger, but in tiresome vain
I want to stand clear
of motionLessNess & soundLessness phrases & actions,
which are only vocal blurs,
on the the merry-go-bound Her's Souls seeking...
I can no longer concur, the actions that initially created a bond,
causing me to ponder, on how true love changes,
realEyezing It doesn't, if It's essentially true,
as mine has always been for the life-flight,
until left stranded by the way-side, hitchhiking,
clutching my heart in my hand, & I've gotten a lift again ….
a Soul ride....

See any facade grows old, because, it isn't truly you...
& now the thirst is dry, belonging to yesteryear,
& has roughly landed us here, at what began as One pathway,
now a broken path of two

letting go Is hard to do......
when you 'Really' love someone,
I've worn & bore the anguish of it for the past few years,
speaking to closed ears, as distance carried on its way,
creating this wedge, resting within our vibrations,
disturbing the beat & flow in our songs,
taking the flow out of the cadence, as your ear's drums....rested....
to my cries....the love ache I bled for has dried...

giving up Is so hard to do,
when you 'Really' love someone.....
but when you're post-fighting for lost compassion, comfort, & stability
& the many things unlimited She offers,
versus fighting during the fight, to hold tight, to “the love of your life”
that is what Love Moves..
never clung to Her invested pleasures,
taken for granted, that She would always emptily, be waiting
If so, you would have noticed our lost ways
how do you let go of something you never 'held' the value of?
for our heart's freedom & the truth of love's wings
let me fly, stop trying to taper my wings,
trying to figure out things, your soul should know
giving up was so hard to do, but I didn't have to
I noticed the vacancy in my heart,
with the slip of your hand, from withIn mine, a long time ago

© 7/30/13 LeTisha.W.Bowie