Namaste' !!!

Eye'm so Grateful for all Who have taken Your time to share You, Your spiritual strengths, seekings, & connections with me. Eye have implanted Myself... on my all too-long awaited endeavor, to follow My passions of growth & upRising of mySelf. .....My Art, Poetic Expressions, & Spirit.... they express All things from withIn..... (As eye began to allow MySelf to see again through "Spirit"- Eye've awakened & been freed, again!!!) Connected to One Creator, Creatress, Lover & Guidess off All & All Necessary..... of All=Being......Of All Created & suppressed. Eye pray that as eye grow, you will also, & that You may gain consciousness, Insight, love, peace, growth & light, in Our space... Here at Urth & Earth & In Your lives.....
Peace, Light, Love & Wisdom

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

soul dressed, ready to spill

Through many situations, many of life’s variations
I liberate words from deep channels, overflowing into poetic spillways
of highs, of plateaus, & at the weakest Eye still flow- strong
from where I’ve come, to my destiny, to dreams manifested, from withIn me...
or the reality of living what’s been placed before me, as truth,
either way, relentlessly Eye project, from within the depths of me,
surpassing those who have tried to hinder my pinnacle,
I’m only one of many, told that our people were of the least,
yet knowing in my heart, there’s much more to the untold,
my soul bares a never-ending cry, a hope, a dream-
a piece of the puzzle, that was supposed to be deleted,
Our ancestor's capturers….yeah they did the most,
created a tangled web of the truth, a road block to our roots,
which is being torn down bit by bit, as Eye see truth peek through the myths,
we began to see the verity of our being, we will then…
and only then... understand, the so professed least ‘is’ the greatest,
are we...if it was not so, there would have been no invasion,
stolen goods, mangled bodies, twisted souls,
bloody heart hemorrhages, babies & families bargained…
if we were worth only the nothing preached,
we would’ve been left One,
free soul shedding here, as eye ponder, more than often,
how easily we erase ourselves,
at the same time angering over the erasing done in the original thefts,
embracing thieves who have never given our life value’s respect,
yet we still wear ‘their’ way,
please don’t misunderstand me,
but do understand,
I’m not encouraging hatred, but I stand for truth, for what I believe
& the distorted history & pain that's is Indwelling,
Is within my belly & sometimes I have to expel…
'The' desperately desired to be buried...
Exhaling…busting open the gateways of souls,
when I come...I'm coming bold, with my all,
so that we can rise up from this fall,
in which, some chose contentment & call it home....after all....
after all, we comfortable aren't we?
through many situations, many of life’s variations
I liberate words from deep channels, overflowing into poetic spillways
of the souls of many Eye pour, if only touching a few here & there,
internally I can't go on, without touching the forbidden truth...
without filling the depleted waterways, every day that Eye may

© 8/18/13 LeTisha.W. Bowie

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