Namaste' !!!

Eye'm so Grateful for all Who have taken Your time to share You, Your spiritual strengths, seekings, & connections with me. Eye have implanted Myself... on my all too-long awaited endeavor, to follow My passions of growth & upRising of mySelf. .....My Art, Poetic Expressions, & Spirit.... they express All things from withIn..... (As eye began to allow MySelf to see again through "Spirit"- Eye've awakened & been freed, again!!!) Connected to One Creator, Creatress, Lover & Guidess off All & All Necessary..... of All=Being......Of All Created & suppressed. Eye pray that as eye grow, you will also, & that You may gain consciousness, Insight, love, peace, growth & light, in Our space... Here at Urth & Earth & In Your lives.....
Peace, Light, Love & Wisdom

Thursday, February 7, 2013

This will be my 1st actual live spoken word performance with a group of wonderfully, inspiring family of artists.
Excited & nervous having been writing & recording for years, but only to family & close peers....I still cannot pass up this rare local opportunity. Grate-Full for this blessings. Peace & Light!

A Poet/ess’ Divine Flow

honored by the thoughts,
or lack there of…
humored at the audacity…
unfazed by your outsight…
of my expressions of Self.

but it is a must that you know,
a few things that are for certain,
don’t make the useless mistake of thinking it’s for your sake,

that I convey my love, my anger, or my fear,
my joys, my pains, uplifting, or drying tears,
encouraging true love, persuading strength…
to go on,whatever my soul unfolds and presents;
it is not for the undesired’s hearts’ intent.

no, don’t you stumble on your own error,
thinking my words are for your unwanted pleasure,
you don’t like the exact words that I choose,
don’t care for the particular paths of, which I muse

either you comprehend it, or you don’t
some desire to, some won’t,
don’t prefer my flow,
keep rollin’ …down the river, keep strollin’…

I’m gon’ keep evoking words and melodies,
holdin’ it down for The Divine Poets & Poetess’ flow-ing with me;

lovers of truth and depth gon’ stand,
to hell with the rest, it’s a part of Our plan…..
Even then, understand….

these thoughts are mine,
from within me,
my creativity is divine,
I don’t think of opinions,
when I’m writing on the lines of my mind,

I deep dive into the great sea of my inner being,
flowing through the waves of eyes, smiles, hopes,
screams,emotions, remembrances, love,
reminisces, feelings…. of dreams;

manifesting raw truth,
soft or tough, in love,
I’m coming,with hard-core verity,
of mySelf no stunting.

no shows to fit into pretty setups,
no standards or guidelines,
love it or hate it,
I’ve learned singularity is rough….

I was born this way,
unique with my own sway,
I don’t birth bogus,no hocus-pocus…

don’t look here for contemporary simplicity,
your bound to get bitten by the authenticity.

©LeTisha.Bowie 7/27/12

The Soul Evoking Poetess 'Urth Eagle'

A Black Power Poem...In Honor of Our Black Story

....written by Our Sis Queen in Honor of Black hisStory Month....beautiFuLLy PowerFull!!!


many sleepLess nights...
just one of a few pieces of my life...
accustomed to constant awakenings...
aggravated with ceaseLess thoughts,
useLess worry of unpromised days,
anxiously excited with infinite words
that leave each mornings' rise hazed,
filled with unfulfilled goals,
You ever so boldly ...
yet, delicately stepped into my dreams,
catching moments in between these,
occupying the lonely space with mean-ing,
giving my midnights' smiles and...
this Soul a Lover's rendezvous
of lost possibilities,
as you catch my heart in Your catcher's mitt...
I must admit...
I grin & giggle a Mighty bit,
as Your toes caress my heart's mid -sleepLess nights,
filling voids of frustration
....with "I just might"...
keep hold to chance,
as I bite my lip,
with an internal fright
of Love's past pain,
resting InHer sight
yet, Here I remain...
'tween sleep & awake,
comforted withIn the hansomeNess of Your face,
the melody Your laughter makes,
...for Loves' sake!
I'm umbella'd by the moon,
soul massaged by Your swoon,
WithIn surrounding lavender aromas
of everwhere...
calming this usually anxious darkness
can't help but...
smile at Love's madness...
to have the audacity to Still hope...
still believe in The Truth of Her Marvellousness...

I'll see You in the dream hours My Dearest,
where Your Soul reminds me of Love,
at, even,My closed vacancy,
withIn the palm of Your hand,
catching Me in the heres & nows...
.....the there & thens...
....& whens...
of my sleepLess nights,
where You catch My uncertainty...
& fill Me withIn

© LeTisha.Bowie 1/31/13

Love Stains

I’ll bet you’re my One of a kinda King
& see...I ain’t no bettin’ Queen
yeah... I birth Love
that All My Children grow up...losin’ the worth of...…Her
in these hella-Days of Our Lives
&..... I’d bet you a Chocolate caramel-twist filled embrace,
topped by a Multi-Rose petalled delight kiss,
on the juicy lips of your face....
one of a kinda Lover, withIn the dreams of My Soul ….

See.... like Wombman contracted you
&..... you knew what wonder Love could do....
You One of a kinda King
to... get close enough......
see.... My Key’s of invisibility
& as I missed your soul passing me by,
living life
you passed mine by,
living life
in the midst of looking for what we are...
… had always been withIn us each
& lovin & embracing me
You reached...
&... I felt a tug inside
as your essence feels me.... with flutters, giggles & glee...
bypassing the scars and wounds
that locked my heart’s exterior room,
entering from withIn,
felt, not seen

so I’d bet you..... for free that is,
as Love gives....
on that Chocolate necked kiss of bliss,
you delivered.....drift....Ing
in the wind’s breeze,
creat...Ing the joy in my soul...
call...Ing me into the rhythm of the dancing trees,
swaying into your soul’s embrace,
while Us two dancing rivers of hearts overflow lovin’ ….
spillin’ every bit if All, cuz we replenish Love like
giving Love’s blood transfusions,
lover to lover, we gallop in the wind
inhaling one another’s breathes
I tickle your King Soul,
with the laughter you brought into my heart,
feather tip, softly whispering my fantasies, desires, dreams, & fears....
into your Soul’s ear,
burying it All into a burrows deepness....
the Beings of Our Love’s Safety,
where Our heart lays at rest

I tell you
I’ll bet you, like I know that love is free,
if you found entry here...with no external entry
You’re my One of A Kinda...
My Soul King
Queen say…..hear Me (Love)....humming your name in melodic tones
throughout moments....unconsciously conscious...
we be reMixing Lover’s moans, in obliviousness of any
into no time…no space,
as you feel me,
withIn the warm atmospheric pressures...
my Beloved King...
I’ll suppress the pains of your past
protecting your heart with a Warrior’s Love
& all that’ll remain are the permanent stains
Stains that real lovers try to eraseeee.
creating holes where Love use to live
& we lovers peer through holey hearts,
using our resentment, anger and pain as shields,
wearing masques....peering through
not to be shattered, torn, nor scorn
Real as You & True as Me...
as Love just Is.....don’t see...Feel Me?
as She does ...Oh Love....what it is She does...
steppin’ inTwo ….filling hearts…
feeling.....filling…mending….caressing permanent stains
into lessons and wisdom we’ve now gained
the voids...
the scars....
the realization takes home.... inside,
occupying the heart’s house...We Rise
Creating Her home
fertilizing with wonder-Seeds....
And. And....
I’d bet you, just like I’d bet the freedom that Love Is...
You’re Uniquely created....My One of a Kinda King
entering from withIn
raw. fresh. an unStained Love starts
“This time We win,”
says Love.

© 1/25/13 (Mbali) LeTisha.Woods

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