Namaste' !!!

Eye'm so Grateful for all Who have taken Your time to share You, Your spiritual strengths, seekings, & connections with me. Eye have implanted Myself... on my all too-long awaited endeavor, to follow My passions of growth & upRising of mySelf. .....My Art, Poetic Expressions, & Spirit.... they express All things from withIn..... (As eye began to allow MySelf to see again through "Spirit"- Eye've awakened & been freed, again!!!) Connected to One Creator, Creatress, Lover & Guidess off All & All Necessary..... of All=Being......Of All Created & suppressed. Eye pray that as eye grow, you will also, & that You may gain consciousness, Insight, love, peace, growth & light, in Our space... Here at Urth & Earth & In Your lives.....
Peace, Light, Love & Wisdom

Friday, April 5, 2013


I still believe
in that, which was freely devoted,
even when, This Rose’s very own heart’s sap plummeted,
before Her feet, onto the cracked pavement,
any season, for no deserving reasons…
once more, I savaged my soul’s drippings,
picking, trying to decipher my hardened heart’s pieces,
from the cracked cement, through tear-binged eyes,
I warmed them withIn my cast-iron standing,
until, again, I was made whole

& I still believe
in the grandeur love,
in all that She bears, in all of Her worthiness,
just as the passing time releases each nauseating, achy memory,
wisdom sprouts within, replacing it with a still loving soul,
& an unsuppressed, blooming smile anew.
the knowledge of self-worth gained,
& stands, as the strength of a rooted, determined oak
I still believe…

…. ‘In Me’ …
I know within, where the moon dwells, until the sun shines
& the wings of my soul plays my own sweet melodies,
where my stars shine hope & inspiration ever…
I know that mere, singly, sweet words will no longer do,
that they just don’t spread onto my toast so smooth,
that…. simple fresh bouquets won’t whip the topping
of this caramel lovin’ anymore…
having grown & knowing external & materialistics
no longer reach these ribs alone,
much less to the heart of it…the ‘soul’ of my soul…
external lip movements are nothing, without the hearts deliverance,
& I hold tight to what I once called dreams, which are now called steps to my reality,
where crushed trust, tried to bury hope,
but, strong love always throws down a rope,
so that I may lift mySelf back up, with the wings of my warrior soul,
awakening opened minds to their own roots

& I still believe
in that, which was stolen by the catchers, who’s mitts were the wrong fit,
in that, which was openly shared and granted taken with no thoughts of it,
having grown & knowing the fact is:
someone else’s  giving, sometime, some place,
was also as mine….earnestly…deeply reflected
only too, to have suffered the heart-anguish, but never dying,
to have paid the fine, for a love thief’s crime…
this is a True Lover’s reality.
some will learn, others will flee
forever lost in ignorance & blindness, You see?
but once balance is met,  there’s no comparison to true love,
it can’t be devoured, the correct glove, form-fitting just right

I believe in a ‘Love’, that is ‘In Love’, with a ‘Love’ that is true
…….in reality
& In reality, there’s no heart which hasn’t been broken,
but, there’s no broken heart, that true love can’t heal.
I’ve learned the power of loving me
& there’s nothing more exhilarating…nothing more rewarding,
than to hear my own voice, & the peace of reality,
flowin’ within the free wings of my own will.

© 2/24/13 LeTisha.Woods
AKA Soul Evoking Urth Eagle

Hearten Soul Love

dedicated to forever ReCreate Our Soul’s Love-making
stronger than Elmer’s glue, we’re the fastening of It
…me & you
super glue ain’t got nothing on the blending of Us two
….lost hearts, withIn this parched dessert,
quenched beneath our constant flowing…
rivers of abundant saturation,
steady satisfying our continuous thirst,
topping Ever-last & Energizer combined…
with embodied Soul Love Burst!
yeah, we doin’ it… what they call “Real Big”
the durable All Timers…One Mold
& I can’t help grasping out & French-kissing your soul
under the moon, peering into blackened midnight…
the glowing stars, I’ve placed within your eyes,
as my heart flutters to the quickened  beats, you’ve placed here
& we ride the rhythms of love
we are the volume that feels Love’s lungs,
inhaling us, too,  into pillars of essence au sexual pheromones
to ReCreating love… again & again…
inside pain’s joy & fear’s pleasure,
swimming all of Her emotions, we rule the seas,
elevating the tides,
raising the sun’s shine, setting the day’s breeze
& I patiently watch your moons set 12 o’clock night …again
& we are the howl of lovers, in the time of day gone,
when lonely hearts bleed, souls weep
& New Love’s skip clumsily, mid the street,
under ancient lamppost, dimly lit, to our moans of ecstacy…
exhilarating their own souls…their own heart’s beats…
titillating to their Beloved’s home withIn
and we do make love… to the power of Our Lover’s Souls,
pleasures at levels undefinable,
creating the original seal, over this mold…
in the lost land of Ourwhere we desire to be,
where no one exist but you & me…
where nothing even matters at all…
in the depth of the origin, ReCreating Soul’s Love-making  
over & over, because each time is new
as we embolden love….as we hearten soul love

© 2/28/13 LeTisha.Woods

Untitled 'Deuce'

You were…once,
one of the easiest gifts in life to set free, upon the tips of my wings,
into the wind…
until people created this unnecessary, horrific pain,
that stains souls, and replays scratched vessels in hearts,
granted taking Your infinite power…
giving You has become one of the hardest of my obstacles
there isn’t much free in this life we live…
but You-
& to You…there is no comparison to the musical breaths You sing,
performing wind tunes, that force soul’s happiness’ to drum beats from hearts,
tip-toe ballads with fingers & delicately dance with hands
to the unknown wonder the universe expels…
no, there could never be a cost for Your fine seasoning,

yet, the blind-hearted, the stone-hearted…
continue to free-ride Your lavish deliverances,
thinking pearls, gold or diamonds can somehow compare!
to Your unrivaled standing
foolishly believing, because You’re so inexplicably vast…
if they place You aside, You’ll ever remain,
regard-Less they respect You,
second guessing Your pleasure….
watching to see if You’re really this good…

as good as the side pieces of ass, that screw up homes for,
as good as the materialistic shit society flicks in the faces,
thinking lust is better than All the Divine You are…
for the temporary… they soon find won’t last,
& it’s too late…
as one looks back at glass shattered hearts,
they’d left behind,
now with super-glue-mended repairs

foolishly believing, that if they slacked at taking care of home
that….that… because it is You that is everlasting
that you’d sit & wait around all of eternity
on one to decide to come back to their first

it is only a rare few who know You like I do
the power You possess to breathe oxygen into a rose-wilted heart
& that losing You sucks away the very substance of air,
leaving aged & fractured hearts, thin blood, causing soul bleeds…
Your magical internal intertwining, creates weakened knees,
from the pleasance of bonding seeds… reproducing we
& You are the same, which suctions a wounded heart through kneecaps,
kissing the concrete in agony…
& still they abuse You!

until they gain wisdom, learning how jealous You are,
by all that You surround us in, so freely…
that you are the sought answer to tears, confusion & pain,
ever sought externally, yet quenched
& You Are the InDwelling from before the beginning of us
I will ever hold & trust You dearly,
knowing Your Indescribable power & delight.
Dear ‘Love’,

© 3/20/13 LeTisha.Bowie

Untitled Too

he say “what you feel?”
…..wanna know… what I’m feeling..
& I’m on my soul high…….like “…ev.ery.thing”
….afloat the highest levels….                                                                   
& I’m feel-In …more like maybe…. “where I’m at?”
intending that he grasp this stead-fast stance of my be-In
that he understands the higher plains… that I graze
…and I proceed to happily overflow into him….
water… into words,
blowing bubbly notes into music….

I feel…
& I am….             
the warmth that flows from your affection,
shining tenderness & new dreams upon your memories,
surrounding & consuming your thoughts…
as you ….as you…
reach In….as you join & blend withIn…..
…..Feel---- In
my In-Her-verse
as your speechLessNess speaks still
expressIn that you Feel me
by the firmness  withIn my…..
& we move to the inner vibrations…..sensations
as our third eye’s are palpitating….
taking us…..
stroking our emotions,
riding the sea waves of our loves,
…your heartbeats temple-pulsations
dwell upon my moon,
where my pelvis ticks the tock of midnight,
between my voluptuous thighs
& our souls float with cotton softness
upon Urth wings….inHer sky…
no more North or South, as you tongue strings melodies…
that take me….
Into an unlimited time or space
…..wanna know?
Where I go?
…where you take me…?
I say….I say….I
…cum……here withIn
you’ll find the key
to what you’ll never locate externally
withIn the depth of my love
deepHer than visibility
…..feel me
where there is no where, no here, or there
just feel-Ings
….feel me….hear? me
withIn …. ‘hear’
there is no place, only space…
no time, so I freely unwind & be…
& ‘you’ must to see…the unseen
where love is much & free to indulge
I say if you wanna know…where you take me
what I’m feel-Ing
why I’m so deep, yet so high
….cum….fly with me and….
know love’s climactical oscillations,
which remains, once the making is done…
“do you see?” ...
what is unseen….the powerFull invisibility of love
can you feel?...
body releas-ing…
pure soul
….to soul
I give love
….Am love
want all that She is
& I drown within Her no return
this is the place, where there is no reverting
only a calm, awaiting Her next wave
cum ‘hear’…withIn
‘hear’ me….
I feel full space
I feel the freedom of releas-In all…
…the freedom that love is
rockin at Her magnificient, unpredictable pace
‘hear’ ….the place of no places,
the point of no return

2/28/13 ©LeTisha.Woods

Love Reigns

reign down..
as you continue to be my Calming…
each time You flow withIn my Being,
Your reign drops upon the midnight window pains…
from Your two-step tapping heart’s beat against mine…
mending wounds, transforming scars’ remains
into beauty marks, washing tears’ stains,
…as You play a drummers’ slow beat
upon the roof top of what resides here…
harmonizing two sultry silhouettes, in Your light…
shining through the darkest of nights…
You reign…trickling into the folds of EveryAll
….the lonely Lover’s calls…
never missing the symphony of heated Souls love rise…
the drips-dropping down the backs of this passionate union
…..of Lovers kiss-communions…
of the lost couple,
which is now One...
Reign irresistibly …
making unique melodies,
withIn Me…..
to Your near-far away ancient vibrations,
sending unknown sensations
throughout the places,
Our minds tried erasing…
joining with the rhythms of what You create…
…that Reigns….
as the darkness of these ‘Moon’-ers in timeLess spaces,
healing distant hopes & present dreams,
and we cast luminous energy,
greet-ing Your peeps…
through the window of Souls
through Heart’s window pains,
relieving the old keloids that remain,
as We-One listen to Your whisperings in misty winds…
….. “this ‘One’
“This ‘One’ moment’s for eternity,
as you blend Soul to Soul…..
hold to Your bonded enamor withIn…Ever…
‘This’ time children….
“this is your Wombman,
this is your Man…”
You know in the end…..True Love wins…
when It rains ‘True’.…
.Love Reigns.”

© LeTisha.Woods 2/21/13