Namaste' !!!

Eye'm so Grateful for all Who have taken Your time to share You, Your spiritual strengths, seekings, & connections with me. Eye have implanted Myself... on my all too-long awaited endeavor, to follow My passions of growth & upRising of mySelf. .....My Art, Poetic Expressions, & Spirit.... they express All things from withIn..... (As eye began to allow MySelf to see again through "Spirit"- Eye've awakened & been freed, again!!!) Connected to One Creator, Creatress, Lover & Guidess off All & All Necessary..... of All=Being......Of All Created & suppressed. Eye pray that as eye grow, you will also, & that You may gain consciousness, Insight, love, peace, growth & light, in Our space... Here at Urth & Earth & In Your lives.....
Peace, Light, Love & Wisdom

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Secret Garden

Secret Garden

catch me in My place, 
This Promised Land, where there’s no time or space,
no longer covering my face, to the pains I’ve passed,
as Our souls unite & Our hearts race,
to the pace of undiscovered truths,
captivated by the reality of suppressed dreams,
living in a created bliss- high-loving, floating on cotton-candy clouds,
as Our wings swim in the arousal of Souls High…
on Earth’s energy….
making love without visions of anything,
but the UnIty of Our plenty good lov-In…
catch Me within the mystery of free ruby Hearts swimming
My sapphire-indigo ocean treasures & pleasures,
lay emerald gems that shine through unspoken words, soul delivered,
kissing hearts, catching spills, drinking tears, eating fear,
for Your shield is mine & mine is Yours,
there’s no limit to what We explore,
come go with Me,
I left Hell behind,
drowned It, in the tears It burdened,
and I’ve found Me,
pouring smiles into Your Soul,
dropping loving into Your Mold,
embracing arms with limitless hold,
Unfold-ed chest-walls,
pouring life into Our Melting Pod, dripping Soul to Soul,
Here we go….
© 10/9/12 LeTisha.Woods

Monday, November 26, 2012

This Love

bare-footed & slowly,
through the wavering heart plashets…
underneath me…
only looking into the Soul that’s surrounding
Its rain drips down…
from a battered weariness,
cascading upon my own achy feet,
which wear the pain of my dreary mess,
catching each of his drips,
withIn my Soul…They take rest,
filling appetites,
for I hunger a Soul shower,
replacing lost moments,
with just This time,
to devour his love,
to step into
& plug….
within the breach of his heart,
as, I too, have fractures…
that rain down into art,
spilling abstract images & words,
with no more end…
start.----ed with passion, love,
trust & dreams….
yet, here am I,
in two lover’s tear-jerkers,
sleepless, mid-nightmare screams….
“indulge me….
in an ocean’s refuged hearts dive,
before it all dries,
cracking ….
into more heart faults,
causing hearts that drip tears & blood…
taken…..cracked hearts clutters…..”
I mutter….
floating about,
withIn what love puddles…
caressing the waves of his Soul’s shutters,
overflowing into my river,
what This love’ll do

© 11/25/12 LeTisha.Woods


so intimate, so genuine
Love Is…
my synchronization to Its heart’s beating…
yet, too distant, to reach out & touch….
….the gentleness of Its physical embrace;
It is the wind’s invisible soft-tip brushes,
upon my cheek….
the leave’s veins,
under caramel fingertips…..
feeling where love flows through….
creating new life,
new energy,
the strength of the oak’s trunk….
withstanding much,
safeguarding the Nature of Its existence,
with power seen, only by Her continuing stance….
strong limbs….
Her love embraces the Soul of… “It”,
drinks of His fountain,
the nutrients for Its survival…..
His love Is the Sun upon My face,
brightening Life’s days,
blossoming beauti-ballads, like….
“Can you Call a Rose by any Other Name…..”
into the gentle breezes,
under Her warm Sun’s rays,
as the strands of hair upon my neck… arms,
dance, with the swaying roses….
trees and my heart’s lyrical sounds….
I clinch….often, too tightly to each brush,
each stroke,
of the wind….
inhaling Its energy,
snuggling It withIn…Me,
…..what is felt so close-ly….
yet, so real….
We are Love & beam…
….as the midnight candle I light,
for each dedication,
each truth sought, each reached,
& every dream wished to be seen

© 11/23/12 LeTisha.Woods


We walked brick hearted paved walk-ways,
along the edge of the lake’s shores last night…..
I counted the stars that floated from His eyes,
into the darkness of the wondrous sky,
as these lovers eyes of mine caught a few for HerSelf…..
while He looked into my soul,
speaking… without opening the thick lusciousness of His lips,
filling my bosom, womb & hips,
with then, now, always & forever lovesssssss of ….
will you take my hand…
it fits so comfortably inside mine….
Let’s conform Our lands,
with the love that amounts to all the answers
that have been seek over time….
they’ve seeked
the union we’ve….
they’ve seeked
we embraced Our OneNess…..
One Soul…..shined onto the midnight Onyx waters beauty,
as the reflection of the Moon…..
an individual mirror of waves….
of currents of Love at sea….
A single Unit with Mami Wata & the Universe,
performing a love waltz,
We were the water’s edge,
Lovers evolved, into the Moon’s kisses,
beyond physical understandings,
it’s all spiritual…. were we’ve landed….
I kissed His stars,
He kissed My beIng,
We hugged & clutched LovIng,
out of Our OverFlowing Waters,
into thirsty life,
the love of life….
lovers scorn….
lovers searching…..
lovers lost….
lovers hope…..
lovers New…..
replenishing & Filling Ever so quickly
nil second was missed,
as Our lovIng never skipped a beat…..
the pleasure……
      the fill of what it is….
      the truth of it…..

© LeTisha.Woods 11/19/12


sifting the crisp pages of my soul,
I found pages of newness, pages of hope, & pages of visions…
among them…
…on recycled paper,
I continue on……
reminiscing of sleeping dreams,
that were never awakened
….visualizing the specks of the past, upon the sheets
never to be erase, but put into motion…
remaining traces……a reminders
of what has made me the Wombman Eye am,
an underlying determination….never lost…
teaching me forever…. continue to Love….
Love Me.
Love Life.
Love My People.
to Love Love.
“Some may clinch to devotedness of One so strong,
It’s never been for you to worry,
It is an individual choice….
made to review, digest or embrace…
Your being….
Once that time is gone…..”

Long gone…..a smile upon my face….
Once more and forever….
My Soul holds and takes My utopia,
My Land of Milk & Honey,
Placed withIn Me…..before Me….

Me….No longer to be hindered,
by inconsideration of others,
the matters of players mate’s hearts or
those unable to conceive…
what comes from the deepness of Me….
an ancient Soul, I happen to be,
created as such, I encompass Me,
I am that Eye Am…..
Ever Mov-ing,
Ris-ing to better Me,
I wing…..Seek-ing,
& Here….
I soar,
Ascend-ing to utilize My timeless-Ness,
the Power & Love in My Venter…
float-ing up & out!
like the beaut of fluttering butterflies for All…
I Lovvveee

© LeTisha.Woods 11/17/12

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Eye Am Ka Rock

some say….
ridin’ this rough
a solid foundation
doin’ what women always have….
for centuries
ridin’ the tides,
smoothin’ rough edges,
each new abrasion
shedding crude,
creating a more brilliant Rock
some use them to build walls,
as others use them to form bridges,
….some cast them as stones for inspiration
….call it personal motivation
after the stormy seas…use the battle scars for elevation
My Self-ReCreations….
wisdom & education….
there’s no price high enough,
to pay for the freedom Eye’ve gained,
of my current invisibilites…
now Free!
Yeah…gon’ keep comin’!
bare….raw…. & sincere
Eye know no otha’ way
comes from withIn Here!!
dustin’ off cast dirt!
scatterin’ & blowin’ away debris passed!
each and every time!
Eye’m knockin’ it off My ass!
See through Me…
nothing to hunt,
here’s a Rock that’s Real,
a Diamond, if you will….
diamond, rock…. Eye’m just Me….
either way…..
been rammed & drugged through the rough,
don’t know what’cha use to
ain’t no otha’ here….
I’ll still Be
Yet ReFormed “Again”
& Again…
polished  from battles,
shined from tosses…
but, standing still.
Mother Nature’s Rock.
New Formed.
Awaiting Her next seasonal combat,
shutting down what you thought was a kill,
knowing, like the powerful African Boabab stands,
through spring, summer, fall & winter,
“She Bears”!!
…. & continues pleasing….
Both, having taking abuses of life & man….
“She Continues”
……to protect, nourish & love plenty….
Man and Land
Eye Am!!
Eye Ka Birth Rocks!!

© 11/13/12 LeTisha.Woods

Storms that Birth Light

remain in High Spirits
withIn the declination of your circumstances
these too are temporary,
in the midst of  rocky storms
You’ll find Your endurance….Here
“It Is Here” that you Achieve perseverance…..
Where You reCall Your purpose for BeIn-g
“Here”….where You feel there is nothing
No reason….No answer….No One…
That you Will also find “Your Will”
Your Fill
…….You will find you have nothing & Everythng…
Freedom to seek “All” You wish… “All that You Are”
“In the midst”
In Your blood is to fight, til You overcome or til death….
Your determination Speaks Your inheritances’ wealth,
In which….
“Only” unveiled eyes can appreciate or comprehend
the wealth of its love… happiness….peace
                       its joy…friendship…..fight….Life!
Birthing Hope Invisible even to military scopes….
& You confront the battles, head on…the enemy withOut & withIn,
conquering what seemed a pitfall,
knocking down walls,
shedding light,
revealing death, reBirth, True Life
the Depth of the Pit, where you gained a Lift ….
a  “get Up”…a leap for Your soar!
to unlimitlessNess!!
to dreams….aspirations….goals….to Light
You fight! Overcoming the battle you thought was life,
burying the truth of the fruit of Your held hidden….
bearing & birthing illumination….
knowing the storms are Mighty,
as This,
but temporary still
making Inner Godly Instilled provisions,
through continuous Inner intuitiveness,
the future is steady & clearer,
knowing nothing is perfect,
wisdom gained through fight, life & Will,
preparing You for the next perfect storm,
as sure as breathe…..
one will arise again over another hill

the sun’s beam is barely seen,
as the forests’ path clears a narrow pathway
& no matter how high You fly out,
always hold dear the lesson of the depth of low,
as well as the strength, the gain…. a lift to higher ground…
remembering One of life’s many dark storms…..
heavy waves will come….
Your lifeless drifts…
You drifted…..
& Your survival
the management of  the blows & heavy downpours….
Look withIn & recall
Giving Thanks Always
The All Power Love & Strength of  The Great Creator withIn  
& Your Faith & Will to stand.
This too shall pass

© 11/12/12 LeTisha.Woods

….In Here

Im’ma pluck the rachis of the feathers
withIn your heart,
as they they flutter….
sounding off acoustic soul love calls,
sending my own marrow into tidal waves,
as we ride the melodious amplifications,
plucking heart valve strings,
beating into the drums of our ears,
making love to their beats…

Yeeaahhh …..jus giveee….meee…. a….
while I tongue-tattoo f.o.r.e.v.e.r.,
down your spine,
between breath beats and passion plucks,
as we unwind,
InToo timeless mornings…..
Indescriptable Bliss…..
Wombman down, by your gooood lovin’
captivated InnHer Souls drenched,
nil needs missed,
none cinches of cares for anythings,
Just here.
drowning in Love’s pleasures….
Love’s evers…
Let me bring you here

© 11/9/12 LeTisha.Woods

Only Verity

sitting basking in the warmth of the Sun’s embrace,
as the Wind’s place kisses
upon my face,
fondling sweet feelings withIn,
of only One Soul
that’s touched the depths of this place,
to the sounds of shattered, glass hearts of the past….
one’s that use to pain a horrible clash-ing
in which, I’ve created high-toned love chim-ing
reclin-ing, as my mind melts
into fragrances of lavender and rose oils…
fingering my thoughts,
living each Moment,
absorbing Her worth,
refilling with Her joy,
listening…. as Her Truth breezes throughout Me,
leaving the anticipation of this Winter’s breeze
with a relief,
knowing My Soul’s Fire will envelope what’s been missing…
a new Spirit Filled void…
destroyed are the spoils of yester…
for the best of Me
pleasssing should come so easil-Y
as it will…
to Souls True to Selves,
in open seasonings…
no longer reaching or seeking
It Is an auto-Fill
from withIn-Me
if you are You….
“Eye Am”
that Eye Am…
Imperfectly Perfect as Me,
seeking Self improvements dailY,
seizing Today,
for tomorrow is tonight’s dreams,
that may crush or create new realities….
or hearts
withIn It…
Eye clutch to the night’s coolness,
with a burnin’ Soul,
floatin’ with Wind,
Into Her darkness & clouds…
Eye’m In-Fold-ed,
where there are no doubts, tears, fears….
no trepidation….
….Eye drift about
& return Here
to sunbathe in the day,
in My space,
where Eye Am All Soul,
Eye Am My Truth.
from withIn “Thee” lays,
Internal reflecting rays….
Birthing Life
from the root of That Eye Know
All of Thee
Eye sit….. basking in the warmheartedNess of Her Sun’s embrace……

© Copyright 11/8/12 LeTisha.Woods

The Dragon

tryin’ to leave these peaches creamy,
knowing they’ve been crap
tryin’ to close this chapter correctly,
don’t like bad raps
as he leaves this shell he left of a being,
both knowing it ain’t had sweet flavor,
been nothin’ but hell just livin’
wide-busted this casket…..Open!
so Eye can see…Eye can breathe….
freed My Soul, My Heart, My Song…
Freed Me!!
But, there’s a foot still on my back
I’d hate to put one on a neck
to move your steps
keep squealing foreign soft, flat tunes
I can no longer stand the buzzing in my ear,
that’s brought nothing but gloom year after year,
nothing would do, l was oh “so” mere

& now you draggin’ my beast mode here,
with the draggin’ of your tail!
She should never appear,
being such a patient warrior,
in such a miserable state…
I wait.  I wait.  I wait.
& I’m beginning to feel negativity vibrate,
from within a place I tend not to associate,
unless provoked to the extreme….
I ain’t tryin’ to be mean
….as you say
but if you insist to have it that way…..

The Dragon will set fire to the damn rain upon your head!!!
… you’ve dripped slow pain in my soul & had Me mislead
on this screwed up journey!!!!
& it’s okkkk…
‘cuz I create All
If you choose to retain this strong hold
Keep Ram-ming “this” Wall!….
see who you say that Eye Am
you know nothing of Me
Haven given no desire or pleasure to see
I burn ass & send rain,
you caused me pain!
I wash ashes away in the wind,
with long lost tears ….
my ol’ so called friend!!
take your foot off my damn back!!!
stop going into the rear!
rewinding the knowings, again & again!
we’ve done this too many times,
it has come to its end.
your expiration date has passed,
there will be no more repetitive discussions!
of fixings of nothings!
& negative vibes!
or you may, if you will
take a dive in the fire,
that you are creating…
no foolery…..don’t be mistaken…..
no romance here!
Just left-over ashes of ass
Dragon- dust If you must!

© Copyright LeTisha.Woods 11/7/12


you can call Me easy like SunDay’s morning….
but, I’ll let you in on a lil something….
His Soul’s lovin’ ain’t got me easy….
It’s got Me bent, habituated, & addicted….on….
SunDay, MonDay, TuesDay, WednesDay,
ThursDay, FriDay, Sat-ur-Dayyyy Looooveee…. In’
with every DeeP word spoken,
every delicate breath He breaths,
into My tremorIng need to inhale His seeds of Life….
It Is We that shake the Universe,
sending reverberations from Love’s Matrix,
opening Our floodgate’s Soul to Soul…
insufflating as One

and you can call Him My Sunshine….
It’s He that Is The Light…The Fire withIn My Soul,
glowing through My eyes,
sending lyrical melodies of, All you have to do is say Yes,
because He gives me Butterflies
that tickle with just the soft, warm, gentleness of His breaths,
radiating from the width of my lips,
down the hums withIn my throat,
to the songs living in My Soul…..
right here…
singing….Let Me Be Your One & Only…….
…..I gasp…..His breathe
He inhales….. Mine…..
fused…..two crescent moon backs arched…
… honey-“Do” whispers, whimpers & chocolate bods glisten,
because We give no slack,
between the hip bones….
no written agreements
Soul’s Love- Pacts
as hands & hips grip them Sunday morning’s smooth, black
& chocolate-caramel swirl body dips,
those mid-day succulent stimulating drips,
into Mid-All-night Loving…..

He Is My left, right, &  Inbetween,
My All around, down & My Above
He is Thee Created for Me
My King
My Oxygen

©Copyright LeTisha.Bowie 11/7/12