Namaste' !!!

Eye'm so Grateful for all Who have taken Your time to share You, Your spiritual strengths, seekings, & connections with me. Eye have implanted Myself... on my all too-long awaited endeavor, to follow My passions of growth & upRising of mySelf. .....My Art, Poetic Expressions, & Spirit.... they express All things from withIn..... (As eye began to allow MySelf to see again through "Spirit"- Eye've awakened & been freed, again!!!) Connected to One Creator, Creatress, Lover & Guidess off All & All Necessary..... of All=Being......Of All Created & suppressed. Eye pray that as eye grow, you will also, & that You may gain consciousness, Insight, love, peace, growth & light, in Our space... Here at Urth & Earth & In Your lives.....
Peace, Light, Love & Wisdom

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Poet/ess’ Divine Flow

honored by the thoughts, or lack there of…
humored at the audacity…
unfazed by your outsight…of my expressions of Self.

but it is a must that you know,
a few things that are for certain,don’t make the useless mistake
of thinking it’s for your sake,

that I convey my love, my anger, or my fear,
my joys, my pains, uplifting, or drying tears,
encouraging true love, persuading strength…
to go on,whatever my soul unfolds and presents;
it is not for the undesired’s hearts’ intent.

no, don’t you stumble on your own error,
thinking my words are for your unwanted pleasure,
you don’t like the exact words that I choose,
don’t care for the particular paths of, which I muse

either you comprehend it, or you don’t
some desire to, some won’t,
don’t prefer my flow, keep rollin’ …down the river, keep strollin’…

I’m gon’ keep evoking words and melodies,
holdin’ it down for The Divine Poets & Poetess’ flow-ing with me;

lovers of truth and depth gon’ stand,
to hell with the rest, it’s a part of Our plan…..
Even then, understand….

these thoughts are mine,
from within me, my creativity is divine,
I don’t think of opinions, when I’m writing on the linesof my mind,

I deep dive into the great sea of my inner being,
flowing through the waves of eyes, smiles, hopes, screams,
emotions, remembrances, love, reminisces, feelings…. of dreams;

manifesting raw truth, soft or tough, in love, I’m coming,
with hard-core verity, of mySelf no stunting.

no shows to fit into pretty setups,
no standards or guidelines,love it or hate it, I’ve learned singularity is rough….

I was born this way,
unique with my own sway,
I don’t birth bogus,
no hocus-pocus…

don’t look here for contemporary simplicity,
your bound to get bitten by the authenticity.

©LeTisha.Bowie 7/27/12

love dance

every day’s a honey-moon,
keeping that flame ignited,
love’s refusal to allow Her heat to be choked,

fired up energy, always animated and vibrant,
as we tip-toe into night sky’s darkness,
jigging star to star,
RePlaying caramel & chocolate swirled kisses,
playing hide-n-go get it,
glancing into our bright sparkling eyes of yesters,
of our hand-held, skipping over the cracks in the road,
smiling up at honey-dew moon’s mid-night delight,

our toe-tapping jig becomes slower, we are closer,
our desire is for more, and our jig becomes heated,
twisted playful kissy-kisses,
erotic, erratic hearts,
hit and miss neck kiss-utterances,
soft rose petal shoulder traces,
our jig is waltzing,

caramel chocolate lip-meltings,
electric body droppings’ touching,
as the moonlight silhouettes our bodies’ slow saltation,
decelerating from passion within,
as body temperatures ascend,
hot drip… drops… permeate to the tip… tops… of our fingers,
our toes, and all that flows,
dripping rain-beats to the rhythms of our slow dance,
clapping hearts as we meet,
tapping lips in tasty heat,
swaying arms around beloved strength,
grinding pelvis around awakened length,
rocking souls to the chocolate-caramel rain-beats!
as we’ve cum 2gether again, soused in unity,
chocolate, love-creams, caramel, and body-dew drops,
doing a waltz-jig, body rock!
honey-moonin’ love over heaven’s skies,
over mountain tops,
in slow motion…floating over oceans.

we singin’ “♪ Play another slow jam…”
physically releasing vibrations,
shaking, overcoming titillating soul love-making,
as melodic rhythms float downhill, onto Motherland,
bodies roll over sienna earth and emerald grass…Her gentle land,
holding hands….breathlessly loving, speechlessly ecstatic,
in our secretly, unworldly, blissful, wordlessness love,
be-Cause true love is absent of the expressions of such…
Words expressing love.
….of our never-ending promise…
….meet you here tomorrow,
to play peek-a-boo, between the night’s stars,
under our sweet honey-dew moon,
to perform our love dance.

© LeTisha.Bowie 7/26/12

Beast love for My Sistahs

“But he really loves me”
Mmm hmm…you don’t say
“he does a lot for us”
he just may
“I’m just tryin to save my faml’y”
and at what price do you pay?
“he is tryin’”
by leavin you alone every otha day?

Imma tell you what price!
Your body!
in more ways than in and out your yoni
with the milk you’re breastfeedin your babies these morals honey!
By washing their heads of common sense you should borrow
from them…
 you should gain it, so you all have a tomorrow
demand freedom, not another form of  a woman’s mental slavery
thinkin Self has to be submitted, for love to be gained
if that’s the target- hell don’t even aim

 tryin to care for yo self and kids on a po’ mans pay
allowin’ him  in and out of you, leaving who knows what in your bay
droppin in for a day, a lay, spittin’ I love you’s  and he out again
on his way

“I’ve been treated worse” you say?
Who gives a damn ?!! that means you’ll accept house play
You wanna foreva carry your broken heart’s past on a crutch
 Just because he playin the game a lil betta- I’m getting a head rush!!
Cuz he “say” he give a damn, instead of shut the hell up
And cuz every now and  then he come by,
holla at the kids and give you a feel up
Sistah getcho guts up!

You’re afraid of losing him and he’s the best you’ve eva had
don’t mean he’s the best- don’t even qualify for the test,
much less the position
It’s because you don’t know your worth and it makes my soul sad
Hell I’m  mad!!!
watchin you sitting, waiting on the petty dropplin’s of your tolerance
of the imitation of  love
hell you livin the imitation of life
hoping your boy will soon grow into  manhood
seein he aint a supporter, lover, dad, father nor friend-
he ain’t a man
can’t believe you pretennnnd-ing
to fall for his lean-trying to conceal as a stand

I’m lookin atcha bound to a quad -tied rope,
like a fiend, waiting on her next hit of dope,
even if it’s on borrowed time, and may devour your soul

jus cuz the last piece of shit was no betta than the 1st
you acceptin this cuz he roun mo often,
lilke you don’ gained surplus
stealin the rest of your joy, your power, your being
you don’t need an individual to make You!
start diving into the love of Your Inner Self!!
…the truth that You know, within the depth of Your Soul
if they ain’t for your best
You’re worth more than settlin for less

cuz you can’t expect you ain’t gon be his toy
and a boy ain’t gon’ play games with your mind-
you uphold it this way
its like a child taught no standards ….one without any rules
they do as they please…..jus as they choose
your words don’t mean a thing
 they’ve learned to play your emotions,
 like a pro on a crap table
give hugs, kisses to drown your bitchin’
flowers and candy to cover their screw ups
and you trying to think of how to butter up their burnt toast

and there you go
“It’s Ok, I know I need to better, it will get better” “We’ll be OK”
I guess you left the toast in too long,
when you were wonderin why he didn’t come home
Two days lata you drownin in tears
He doing shit his way, like he has for years
Same ol’ replay scratchin’ your heart

My Sistah are you ready for a raw start

Off with his ass
Find YourSelf
and a “Man” will find you
Jus cuz you been caught up with boys
and this one’s a bit better than the last
don’t give you an excuse to continue to be nobody’s ass.
It’s just a character you playin’
tryin’ to fill two roles
Ain’t a thing sweeter than the love of a Man,
who is too old to be figurin  Manhood out
waiting to seal the scratches of your heart,
from fools past
cuz He’s buried those routes
Know YourSelf
Step up into Your Inner Queendom,
you deserve more than he will ever know.

Urth Eagle
© LeTisha.Bowie 7/13/12

Friday, July 13, 2012

Do ya know what I mean? Everythang that glitter ain’t gold; a house is to have; a home is to hold.

I tell ya I don’ need glitter & all da precious gems dat gleam
Dat my heart’s desires are simpla’ than man’s physical means
Do ya know what I mean? ……

I see you….
…..lookin’ thru yo beautiful, mystifyin’, black onyx eyes,
into your garnet, Jagged Edge’s heart’s window,
blowin’ love’s songs thru  
melodic sharp painful tunes
of a deep hidden past,
mufflin’ secret melodies,
like they’re ya last

I see da love dwellin’ deep inside!!
Let me in!!!
There’s no longa da need to hide behind fear and pride
for fear of surrenderin’ yo’self again
…..holdin’ memories of a theft gon’
 of the breakin’, the enterin’ and shatterin’ of yo  precious heart
don’t go lookin’ in the same place ya starrrt--ed
where she stole like a pirate, from the places I’m tryin’ to fill
robbin’ yo riches to complete her po’ self

with the everythang that money or jewels can’t purchase-
Eye am the woman at yo side
Are ya gon take this ride

I’m yo Queen, You my King.
….you don’t seem to comprehen’ these things…
that You My Milk Chocolat’ on Valentines Ever’Day,
My Diamond heart wrapped aroun’ my finger….
I see ya, I feel yo trepidation,
But yo mind seems to carry yo heart in diverse directions.
gotta play it hard as a steel nail
I’m not gon try and break into yo shell
cuz love is free, I thought you knew
else I’d be that thief in the night,
Stealin’ yo jewels

When I tell you my emeralds grow from Mother Earth’s trees
Can ya feel me?
Do you grasp what I mean?....
ain’t a thang wrong with buyin’ gifts –
It’s like dessert
not required to fulfill, at times fulfillment exceeds the desire,
But it’s a sweet topping still

Hey babe, I’m sayin’!!! ….beans don’t buy love……
Ice cream ain’t gon replace no meals,
Rubies don’t climb life’s hills,
Sapphires don’t pay bills,
topaz, wild fresh water pearls….
….all are rare, as true love that last lifetimes

…but my neck can be bare ya see
& you and I shouldn’t have a care
& true free soul love from da depths of our beings,
dat radiates thru-out us,
suppressin’ all other thoughts and feelings
is all dat we have……
Material thangs can’t climb mountains!!!
Love will.
Hand in hand, we’ll watch sapphire rivers from topaz lands,
drinkin' ruby wine,
conversin’ on jade grass,
discussin’ houses that ain’t really homes

I’m just tryna speak of some thangs you may not wanna comprehend…
Many sparklies come dressed up as pretennnd-ers,
in fancy disguises, looking like 24k
to brighten your one day
& you may choose to find just what you seek
tryna fill da shoes of a house ya can’t keep

I’m wondrin’ if you hear my soul speakin’ when I ask….
It’s cuz what’s a question today, will soon be a fact
…..leavin’ a peaceful home, for a house of stones
Yo’ ass gon be lone

Someone else gon’ figure home and love out,
embracin' what you left for a house

Everythang that glitter ain’t gold.

Urth Eagle
©LeTisha.Bowie 7/11/12

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Tale of the Lover’s War

Her thick, luscious, brown thighs bookmark his position,
taking hold of his bearings,
holding him motionless,
while she slowly devours the depth of the beauty, of him.
while her butterfly-winged tipped touches caress throughout curly, black chest hairs,
down his belly shivers, into the slight navel dip,
til she reaches his Man on Fire.
She “must” tongue- trace these fervor-ous motions,
filling his every emotion,
taking their souls into places lovers love,
consuming each other’s imaginations,
into true lovers captured, ancient soul’s time capsule;
They are lovers, in love,
as he turns the chapter,
Flipping her thighs,
Pulling her near to safety,
Close to heart, near the scent of lovers heat….
Looking on, into, past pages and past her eyes…
Here…now….nothing else matters,
They’ve reached the next chapter,

The Tale of The Lover’s War,
where there are no longer two,
In this lost and found time capsule….
You’re me and I’m you,
You and I…Love= We= Us,
Minds on a spiritual high….a Love Rush,
Slippery, slickery ….saturated by the climactical desires….
Of Us,
these the outsiders call lust,
pretenders pretending to depise….
ridiculing, and condemning,
while lusting within,
I’m gon’ share it with you,
my lover…my man,
But this trivial thought doesn’t shed damper on the welcome damper we already have,
There’s no stopping,
no hiding the reckless wanton of lovers in love,
Of the war about to take place….
about to take us over, beyond, under…through...above
It’s a must that you touch my forbidden fruit,
fluxing Her natural flow of juices…..
It is a must that you take me there,
you turn the page…
trust yourself to continue to touch the place--s,
that completely open the specks of spaces you see,
of the universe unseen,
into my matrix flow of vibra-motional tantalizations,
to speak your cotton candy whispers into my left ear,
then into my right,
…..sending chills down the aroused, deepening channel of my spine,
over the curve of my hips,
while I lick my lips,
trying to utter the words, that will no longer come,
anticipating your next move,
grabbing for you….
Holding you close…
gasping for you to make your move!
yearning with the fire in my pelvic bones,
to release me over your Man of Fire,
and simultaneously, listening to your deepness from within….
me….my ears….
From within me…to me...speaking in all openings,
as I try to speak back,
fighting tears from places I’ve feared ….
thinking yes and crying no… within…
for I am with you….I am you….my heart sings,
in this Lover’s War
& “Who the Hell has the right, to tell us we’re wrong?!”
when my soul longs for your all…. (whispers)
our bodies singing with the lover’s song…
& I’m sings, “Ooooh La La La”
“It’s the way that I rock when you doin’ Yo’ thing”
And our bodies move in minuet,
to the beat of our hearts palpitations,
to the light, the hard smacks of calves and thighs,
cuz baby we on our on high,
mind, spirit, body,heart,soul…..
lovers in love in a war of our own…
bodies moving to the rhythm of…
chest to breast clacking ….love sweat ain’t lacking…
along tunes of poetic breath pants of lovers at war…
Whisperings sweet nothings and love’s everythings….
Tomorrow’s forevers….dreams of evers….
Turning pages slowly to a never-ending story,
Temporarily, until we unite again,
At the Battle Ground of Lovers in Love.

Urth Eagle Tisha
©LeTisha.Bowie 7/10/12

Monday, July 9, 2012

Because of You

When I can’t seem to let go of life’s venomous loves,
I take hold in combat, knowing in the future, 
as you encounter such, 
you must learn when your love’s freedom is to be claimed;

When ends management can’t seem to be met, 
I take these ends & connect them my securest, 
because, one day, you too will meet these circumstances;

When darkness violates the celestial aurora,
& my vision rest obscured,
I admit my lit soul to reflect determination,
providing preserved optimism,
refusal of death,
One day these portions may come your way…
This is your survival from within…

When morning reaches me & I’m tired of its confrontations,
I rise again & again,
taking Her hand,
knowing this wars’ success isn’t only mine,
that we will all conquer defeat…
that we all ascend!

When My anger speaks flames to injustice & maltreatment,
It’s so!
I’ll set hell on fire!!,
so you will learn not to stand for just anything.

When I channel peace & endure at calm,
& you see patience in an inferno,
My soul says be still…
In this life you must make for your own repose.
Stand Still.

Know that My frowns, My tears, 
My wrath…My Dears, 
are not for you to worry or fear;

For You are more than my reasons for being here…
You are my reasons for go---ing,
my reasons for know---ing…more each day.
my continuously grow---ing,
My Forever’s, 
my never let---ting go---ing!
My smile, after the fears,
My laughter, after the tears,
This life is only mere, 
to the lives you’ve given me for years…

My Children…The Breaths of My Womb,
My Morning’s Wake-ings’,
Evening’s Persevere-ings’,
Midnight’s Dream-ings’,
My Reasons for Live-ings’.

Urth Eagle Tisha©LeTisha.Bowie 6/1/12

Monday, July 2, 2012

Soul Dip

work bound
makin’ ‘nutha dayz pay
left glancin’, at dark brotha,
goin’ opposite my way
he gotta sway
dat slight dip, in his hip
‘aint nuthin’ wrong wid dat stride
got strength… ownin’ its smooth,
as he bobbin’ his head
to his own tune
I smile- keep on my way
gon’ to make my day
an’ at its end- headed out….
‘nutha brown brotha walkin’ bout
can’t help but smilin’
don’t matta’ whetha’ My Brotha rich, middle, or ya wanna call’m po’
dat Soul beats deep, like dah King he bon’ ta be
in His Own sway, His Own way
gotta stride, gotta dip dat study of pride,
an’ fo’ da stop-light turns
…..even young black boys, young men, Our Elders
dey send Dey Own Rhythmic Vibrations bone marrow deep,
Puttin, smiles in yo’ souls,
Givin’, yo’ eyes unheard beats,
Makin’ you bob yo’ heads an’ tap yo’ feet…
Dat Black Man’s Soul’s Dips’ got His Own beat.

5/29/12 © LeTisha.Bowie

To My Loves I Choose You

If my last breath is but a deep, soulful hum,
beginning a word & ending a delicate, solely letter;
I’ll leave its value to you, 
…its worth to the lives I birthed.

If I leave no millions, if I leave no gold, 
My goal is to leave no debt.
If only I’ll have the land I live, 
I’ll leave it… 
as a safe haven, in the event, you of mine need rest.

If my visions or words have inspired no souls while I’m here,
and it is only you, that hold its value,
If my voice…my songs don’t get an everlasting deal….
I’m O.K. knowing, it’s left in your hearts, as your Heaven, 
….places where it will flourish ever & radiate anew.

If I never buy you all that you desire…
of all that society has thrown in your faces,
You’re grateful, and for that, I know that I am already blessed!

If I can’t get you all that you want, 
know that I give you all that you need,
and try to give you some of your wishes, 
on this corrupt path placed before us.

If time or life takes a dogged twist, 
before I hug you once more or give you one last kiss…..

I’ll have antecedently given you My everlasting kisses, hugs, & love,
to carry within you now & for miles, of life with no end;
My Spirit of strength, determination & endurance in piles,
to soar all heights!

If I never publish a book or record a song,
I know that I’ve locked my voice & words, within the securest safes ever…
….to breath,
from within the breaths, of the souls of My Wombspring,
the sparkles of hope, superseding doubt in my eyes,
the sunshine, creeping through the clouds of fear….
the loves of My life,
my many reasons to fight;

I choose You, for all that have, all that I don’t, 
all that I will and all that I won’t
Because, You will!
To me....nothing else amounts.

You must always retain/ You are to always to remember!
You are worth All that You Are.
Never accept less than you deserve.
Know Your Worth!!
Loving you & Love you Eternally,

Urth Eagle Tisha
©LeTisha.Bowie 6/12/12