Namaste' !!!

Eye'm so Grateful for all Who have taken Your time to share You, Your spiritual strengths, seekings, & connections with me. Eye have implanted Myself... on my all too-long awaited endeavor, to follow My passions of growth & upRising of mySelf. .....My Art, Poetic Expressions, & Spirit.... they express All things from withIn..... (As eye began to allow MySelf to see again through "Spirit"- Eye've awakened & been freed, again!!!) Connected to One Creator, Creatress, Lover & Guidess off All & All Necessary..... of All=Being......Of All Created & suppressed. Eye pray that as eye grow, you will also, & that You may gain consciousness, Insight, love, peace, growth & light, in Our space... Here at Urth & Earth & In Your lives.....
Peace, Light, Love & Wisdom

Thursday, December 29, 2011

"To me the worse thing about not having my voice, is the inability to sing."  ~Urth

 I've been sick a few weeks, and very hoarse for two.......

Feeling better today, but still sounding like I have a "frog in my throat," like my uncle says..... I've realized and absorbed over the last two weeks that I can go with talking less.....I actually have more time to meditate, think and focus.....the thing is to remain focused on positivity and elevation........

It is now, that I realize, "To me the worse thing about not having my voice, is the inability to sing."
I can paint, draw, sketch..... in peace...listen to the music the I love so, but the deep joy I have of the vibrations of various notes and stanzas from my soul. is what I miss the most.

The joy of my own song.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mind Games

Mind Games by Urth Eagle Mind Games It’s no illusion, This confusion taking control; I feel I’m losing, I find no solutions, No progression…. Are there a suggestion, you can give me, for life’s refusal of deliverance? I’m assuming that it is my mission to be strong….. Overcome….. This progressing confusion…. This depressing illusion, of what I should be What should I do? Should I go on and continue the guessing game, Testing my depression? Do I eventually? Will I, overcome, what it is I’m wishing for? A Blessing. It’s complicated. Is it complicated? Yes. But, I’m determined to proceed in this elevation. Elevating my mind….hoping to achieve a higher education… Some stimulation to bring me to the light of my existence; Sight is so blurry, in my vision now, I see no way ahead, yet I know life is war, to survive…. The fullness of my heart… soul…. It’s at its peak I will overcome this oppression!…. depression!…. Anxiety. Grief. I’m weak…. Relief? That’s what I need. Am I unappreciative of the persistent assistance, from those who care? No. Yet I feel I’m a leach and deliverance seems so far beyond reach…. But, It can be accomplished! It’s just a cloudy path now…. To get passed this pain, before insanity seeps into my being! Freedom is my dream! Freedom from life’s pain!……..pain in my screaming Spirit is My Aim!! I don’t take who I can become in vain, I’m just tired of the games of men….of sin…. Will things ever be the same? No…not the same. Normal? Oh!!! My brain….the ache of wishing for my own fame….my dreams…goals… They are mine to have….it is time for my light to shine…to share Men, games, shame- My heart will never be the same….. Constant struggle seems wrong, yet it has made me oh so strong Now I have a story…..I have songs. Life ain’t all that long….. Betta’ get a quick grip! Go! Go out and make your own. Shit happens. Get up! Move! Ain’t nothing in life free. Work . Struggle. You were born to overcome! ……..the mind games ©Copyright LeTisha.Bowie 2011 ~Urth Eagle

No Perfect Love

No Perfect Love by Urth Eagle

Gain Thru Pain

Gain Thru Pain by Urth Eagle (Spoken sometimes altered tad bit from actual poetry) “Gain Thru Pain” I can't stop crying, she said, I'm gonna exit this place I won't return, the heartache has been like mace in my face The ones I think are closest to heart they are so remote I just sit....I cry... how do I make this mess work? I pray & believe that life will get better yet each day i awake to the same distress of yester I refuse to turn back I'm unwilling to fail and when I leave for my gain I will leave all this hell I'm claiming what's mine! I know I have an inheritance..... of Happiness!! of Peace!!! of Power that's divine!!!! I will seek it! I will find it!! what is for me will be!!! Yes, tonight full of sorrow I'm sure so too on morrow But! I Will! retreive the best of my worst!!!! gain my crown!!!! gain my due!!!! tears of pain for now, one day will be done. -LeTisha Bowie 9/22/10

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Penny Rocker

“The Penny Rocker”

Rocking the day by;
I rock.
I rock, counting my pennies,
Trying to figure a mechanism;
Turn “them” into nickels, dimes, quarters;
Into Dollars
I rock.
Parallelism- rocker, pennies, life, & I
I pause.
Recognizing & immersing the beauty….
The riches money can’t measure…
Inhaling the trueness….the miraculousness of existence…
Of my milieu
I exhale.
I smile.
& I rock.

Copyright © 11/2011 LeTisha.Bowie

Saturday, December 3, 2011


It is who I am. It is my birthright!

butt’s all getting’ bigger;
Ignored the lives carried, throughout My life;

Body transformations you see?
Yes.  The obvious, it is that you observe.
My Soul's Love’s reflections, you’ve neglected;

-I’m determined to focus on elevating My Mind’s Intellect.
Spiritual levitation.
Penetrating the always transforming, exterior visuals you depreciate;

pushing….advancing…enduring in life……I stand. 
spine of alloy……I stand.
consistent with My conviction to learn more of Me! I stand!
eliminating callowness that surrounds me;
trimming physical and mental weight simultaneously,
Knowing your thoughts are simple,
Yet if allowed, your words severe……
Thing Is~
As you’re viewing my exterior transformations, intellectually at halt
My mental revelations ….my emergence will have surpassed you
 All along, as Life sets Her Mastery Scene
My soul….My heart…. It had incessantly remained
Ever-growing, but always reserving Her same love;
With all you perceived with your eyes,
Deep within My Heart’s Soul, my loe, still rested

Eye Content as Am….happily black, bushy, & thick;
I am, as well, renewed and lighter in all ways
How? Now, do you ask me to accept your stipulated love?
There are no stipulations in love
Love gives, unconditionally
Love pours, like an overflowing tub of warm peppermint bath
Love feels, like warm coconut milk overflowing beautiful, brown smoothness
Love’s touch is your flesh….my flesh…..which, is no longer he and she, but we
Love is not 2 but, the connection of Souls, who have become “One”
Love is the part of Souls that is The Over-comer of the hell that life presents,
Giving Lovers the strength to carry on….!!
Love Just Is!!
True love “cannot” transform to stipulations.
True Love can not only transform stipulations,
She makes them non-existent.

© LeTisha.Bowie “Urth Eagle” 12/2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

I love Me….. un-con-ditionally I know My worth, My potential, My efforts, My desires, As long as I continue to soar & reach for my dreams, My expectations of me are never too much; Looking within, vs. the average, who can’t see? Can’t see. …..passed what’s only physically visible… To their likeness- conscious beings= unconscious minds= unconscious eyes.

Monday, November 21, 2011

No Barriers Block My Progression

No More Barriers 2 My Progression by Urth Eagle No Barriers to My Progression No more changes 2 please the likes of U Lovin’ U was da easy part, but of Your expectations- I’ve only met few Livin’ life, being da best of who Eye am; just ain’t enuf; Ya see…..I haven’t given up my Eyedentity, No, not enuf 4 U, but too much 4 me! U longer desire me, but 4 me 2 b u, Or who “U” think I should b, yet “I’ll no longer b, Who it is that “Eye” see” Didn’t realize I needed a degree, when I signed on da line, Didn’t realize it took a Master’s 2 help uplift fellow mankind, Oh, but what U’ve failed 2 comprehend: My possessions can’t b gained in college single-han……ded! Nor, thru the tunnel vision of a suppressed deaf tone! Inherited! The thriving 4 knowledge….. The instinct desire 2 love…… The natural motivation 2 feed……. The internal Spirit 2 move, when My child’s in need My soul 2 sing, cry, shout, love Da consciousness 2 realize all of the above Whatever is necessary 2 make life livable Whatever is necessary 2 bcome unforgettable 2 leave a perceived pathway of da unteachable things…. Those that can’t b taught by da highest professor- nor deans…. Da deep rooted & buried truths, loves, da knowledge’s of all-ways. Of ever. Of Ancient. Of All tunnels & All bays…. If being me ain’t good enuf 4 U, Or U, or U 4 that matter Eye know Eye’m good enuf 4 me! Step! It’s time u go U blockin’ my progression Got kids 2 raise, life 2 live & life 2 leave U grown-should already b raised That’s 4 da kids Education should rim-fill ur dayz Da changes I make, r 4 an uprising Walk forward, Walk upward or walk on! But, Don’t block My Progression!! © LeTisha.Bowie 11/2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011


D.E.T.E.R.M.I.N.A.T.I.O.N. by Urth Eagle D.E.T.E.R.M.I.N.A.T.I.O.N. D……estined to achieve-bred powerfully confident- I will fight! E…..ven when the odds are against me, will not fall and stay down T….oo beneficial to just remain idle and allow advantages to pass E….ach and every opportunity – I want to take and educate myself at mass R….ising above the average standards by all means accessible M….esmerized by life’s ill conditions, I want elevation at new levels I….ncreasing knowledge, love and dignity in human existence N…ever having the audacity to settle for today’s circumstances A…..always remembering the lessons of my grand-ma T…eaching me to “Stand tall! be wise!” and repeatedly saying, “Be I…ntelligent!” – This message she left for us all O…n this journey I have decided to stand for what I believe N….ever give up and live each day to the fullest to “my” potential….. To set an example for my royal offspring… “You can be and do your every desire, just give all of your determination with that God-give fire!” © LeTisha.Bowie 2011

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Let Me Be

Let Me Be by Urth Eagle Let Me Be How can I trust you? You’ve been so untrue I gave you my all… all I gave you I was faithful & sincere I thought you would be here-……Always….All days You proved me wrong, when you left me ….in all ways Alone in our home…. Alone in my heart…. My soul longed for your love I prayed often to God above “When will this marriage get it right?” So how can you expect that I trust you? Tremendous anguish I endured, I thought our vows were mutually pure I gave up my love….gave relentlessly You lied and you lied; I tried and I tried Yet, you left me alone, to cry while you were gone You should have been home then, Sharing the joy I tried to give But you craved that cheatin’ life ….that street life That’s how you wanted to live Daylight family man Evening & Midnight for lady’s man Now, life ain’t so grand? I’m tired, I’m through, Done! Time that I’m #1 For me! I have nothing left to offer you, But a chance to get it right the next time…. It just won’t be at my cost …..? I’m supposed to believe you’re ready to be true? I was so blue, Giving my everything, while you were out with your crew I can’t trust you! It’s gone! I will no longer live this lie God knows that I’ve tried, ……..and I still have the audacity to hurt for your pain When I know my heart sits in my chest, like shredded paper, Because my own remains Let me go! You left me freely & uncaring, Like Fall’s beautiful leaves, blowing in the wind I see your pain, but mine overwhelms it, Because, the love I gave was isolated for too many years My heart knows, that now is the time….. To leave this season in life behind I’m drained….no more pain from the same ol’ same “Now you say” you want your home It never left….you did How can you expect me to trust you? You’ve lied for so long Just give me my peace….let me be I no longer trust you My soul wants to be free Free of unnecessary worry….unnecessary hurt I no longer need you….I know my life’s worth You’ve abolished the trust here I have no more tears Just let me be….. My soul speaks now, “It’s time to be free.” © LeTisha.T.Bowie

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Womb Roots Emblem

breath’s bassinet of life reservoir of ancient mysteries miraculous wonder-womb pumping the life of humanity, as with the heart’s necessity to the body flowing manifestations of life and death belly expanded to divers shapes and sizes beaut moon, expressing stretched artistic roots stretched over lunar eastward yoni producer and supplier of minerals… nutrients for Her new glorious Heir validation of Goddess divinity womb…Wombman origin….root of life source of existence wearing stretched root emblems of love love Her blood has sprang into cosmos ever Womb ROOTS EMBLEM by Urth Eagle

Crowned By Birth

Guide to my destination, Leading Mighty Whirlwind, Spirals of Spiritual Wisdom present a tornado, Ready to take on all! Kinky, Full of strength and force! My frizzy, My curly bunch of tightness Like mini twisters, going left, going right, Complex and swift led …..and underneath- wavy funnels of black frizzies, The drive of My Sistahncestors It is the steering wheel’s control of My future, A flashlight that guides the Earth’s magnificence, Transmitted on from ancient memories, A mass of inherited twisted knowledge, Yet Spiritual channeled to be known. Separating into tiny, spring-like, corkscrew shaped, Thick, Bushy, Wooly mass, carried from antediluvian Goddess, Perfectly, Master-made brown and black beauts. My crown The rise of My Fullness, A continuously expanding growth….. Outward- Upwards- Because, it guards My Goddess My Crown ….crowns a Mighty Feminine Cocoa Queen….. Confusion to the enemies, Connection to My Sistah Goddess……protected Crowned by Birth! Crowned By Birth by Urth Eagle © LeTisha.Bowie 9/11/10 AKA “Urth Eagle”

Monday, October 17, 2011

Lord Don't Move My Mountain

Don't move my mountain by Urth Eagle A song that has been dear to my heart for years and one my mom loves to hear me sing....just a prayer for strength to go on, not to take all of our trials away, but just the power & strength to overcome them. Old Classic song by Inez Andrews has been sang by many artist.......Me singing Lord Don't Move My Mountain

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sweet Revelations

Sweet Revelations Sitting outside I connect Spiritually speaking with Goddess Asase Yaa It is again revealed to me the many unknown beauties of Wombyn Looking down, I see the beauteous Tree Goddess rising up, from within the earth Rising into secure, earth trees, which produce oxygen, which in return sustains life to humanity… Wombyn does for fetus….Isn’t this so? Yes. Then I look over at the light post, between the soft leafiness of uniquely, awesome, yet dissimilar trees here- I see that the tall, woody light’s post, which is just so….of wood (smiling), which is made of “Her” Trees- Like ‘man’ is from Woman and without “Her” he does not exist, just as the wooden lamppost cannot exist, without Her precious tree’s bark I relax, sitting back- smiling…..eating of this spiritual meal…..joyous at life’s sweet revelations- So sweet! Now- Looking up again- there are about 8 wires carrying electric currents Visualization and conscious thought-processes in over-drive!!! I see you Mother! I see you’re light… …..understanding through spiritual revelations presented daily, The Light of God/dess!…. these electric currents are transferring power and light to Her children all over! Of Goddess, of our Creator tonight!!! I see!......I see that you transfer Your Power and Light to your children all over the universe….Eye See. It is infinite. It is ever. She is alway. A powerful force presents here ----- In the quietness of nature….of trees and the breeze…a force of light ever-present in Wombyn’s possession…. In some it lies dormant In others it’s in its conscious awakening. And “know” that it is also, so, that in some of us – it’s currently being reflected and manifested into the universe. And I have peace as I can ingest and digest the peace of sweet revelations tonight. 3/14/11 © LeTisha.Bowie 2011 Sweet Revelations by Urth Eagle

Friday, October 7, 2011

Euphonic Magical Soul Vision

Euphonic Magical Soul Vision

You see me smile
despite my trials,
Hearing My Spirit’s Voice
through my eyes,
When you hear me hum
to the beat of my Heart’s drum,
My chariot of melodies…..
My interior space
Multitudes of notes float about my embrace,
Giving birth to unknown tunes
Carrying me along this bumpy ride, beneath Her Moon,
Laced with dreams, hopes, desires and love
Spiritually connected to God-dess Earth, Moon, Sun high,
Musical Magic, consoling Life’s disasters
Mother Earth’s Energies, creating delicate ballads,
Short, long stanzas are some…..
Poetry…..lacking the necessity of words,
Bold, vigorous sounds, inventing new strengths within Eye
Eye’m smiling…..Eye Am……In spite & Despite it all,
Knowing that Eye must stand, or else Eye fall
Eye must decline into the depths of Me,
Humming the Angelical melodies…..the music….this presents:
Her……pleasur-ous, satisfying, sensational vibrations…..
Of Eye…. ~Tis the Euphonically, mesmerizing magic of the music in My Soul
U See

©LeTisha Bowie 11.2010

Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Feeling Good" ~Nina Simone

Freedom is mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know what I mean..................New Dawn ....Its a New Day for Me!!!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Where Art Thou?

Where art thou by Urth Eagle

"Heaven without a Compass

Heaven without a compass by Urth Eagle

God is Black Goddess

God is black goddess by Urth Eagle

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mama Made A Way

I wrote this when i was in high school, then last year, while talking with a publisher- I tried and tried to edit it, shorten it, make it into more contemporary poem style, but it's not. It's not nearly the full story, but a brief one of my mothers love and I've decided to share it just as it was written, and as I remember it in its length. Mama made a Way by Urth Eagle

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Audio of Story Then, Now, Today

Then now today by Urth Eagle

Friday, September 30, 2011

A Story...Then, Now, Today

Then, Now, Today

Laying....Sacred Womb pressed against my cushy bed
"Years ago, before I birthed life", thinking in my head....
I'm not the Ma I envisioned of me
Yet, Today, "I Am" the best that I can be
Times have surely changed
The time in My day eats the responsibilities like a starving child
and there's no space therein to rearrange
The world worse even, but My Inner Spirit remains the Spirit of determination as
then....I said I will speak soft, but firm
words of wisdom .....what i will have learned
I will lead them by example, for I will make something of Me,
just a little easier living, in which I will have earned
Visions & Dreams
Aspirations & Means.....My own
Then I began to live....reality it is
Awakened from an awake sleep to "life", mistakes, heartaches
....dead are the years, which have passed, rapidly, as I thought I had time to get it right
....My hopes and foreseen images of "better"
....of overcoming my childhood years, struggles and fears
Patience necessary- larger than I'd projected too....years ago, before I sprung life into being's shorter nowaday, patience
time swallows My day, My smile, My song, My does
knowing that the desires, the pleas, the love, the needs of My Precious Little ones are crammed into this world's chaos, and My misjudgements passed........
Shedding undesired tears for My struggles are the same as My Ma's......the same struggles that I envisioned one day would not be My own.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Do I Move You" Nina Simone

I love Nina!!! and listening to this song today- I wanna know- do I move you???!!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Dead Circles"

My Sistah get off .........the dead circle. It has no end.......Ya see. Can't you see? Look! Behind ya.........been there already. See? Up there? You already done that too. Tomorrow ya 'bout to try that again, which you did last month?......... Sis!.......tah!- The Circle you on.......the circle you keep........deaD.........has no end..........a continuous movement around and around the same deaD end roads. Ya just continue to walk in the da same ol' crap within........steppin' in it...........just walkin in the same stank! It's like the merry-go-rounds ya see at the fair, Lookin' good, flyin' high- up there in the air; But, the ride gets old, High gets low, The price gets steep on the eternal deaD circle you in. Diggin' and diggin' a deeper grave, goin' round & round in the circle you go.... Desire a straight path instead My Sis, pick a direction, a path, a route; They too have not end; but forward you can choose, backwards if you like; But the curvature is gone; Stop!! ......look ahead, There ya dreams lye, there ya goals go.... Go ahead, walk on gurl, stand straight, full speed ahead, struttin' out of the circle that continues to go round; Bury it!! It's dead! You go Sistah Goddess into Your pathway of dreams, Your destiny, Your destination! Your Queendom, Your freedom!!!!! ©Copyright LeTisha.Bowie

Urth and Earth

Urth and Earth....... We ARE of the same Useless attempts to continually destroy Our being- Our reason for "their" existence You nescient Failures!!! In your determination to maintain an emotionally suppressed Wombman= a "once" conquered mind Destiny.... Fate....She has matured and taken Her place As My naked feet perform lacework within your, too Life-giving, Brown, Soft, Deep, Coolness...... .....the loose-ness, Urth between my toes brings true freedom....again I walk, meditate and embrace Your immaculate qualities of Mine Delicate, Cocoa, Organic is Your every grain Unique are We.....Urth and I....Goddess....Creatress..... I smile..... Because, Urth.....Me, and You are One Here we are, You- just as You are, with Your every necessary component, Always bringing forth life, with a substantial, hearty foundation And birth My soul cries of joy!!!! Knowing that The Great God-dess, Creator of All, made "Me" Just So Your nourished ground brings forth life- ......every plant......every flower.....tree.....providing O2 for human's mode of survival As Wombman, grounded from the origination, confirmed from the firm foundation of intention, Intended from Her creation, was nourished and too brings forth Life We are of the same.....(Womb)man.Urth.Earth. ©Copyright LeTisha.Bowie

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Eye's Soul

The Eye's Soul by Urth Eagle
The Eye’s Soul

Matthew 6:22 states, “The light of the body is the eye; if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”

They say “the eyes are the keys to one’s soul”:

……Is it?……my mother’s beauty you see…….?

…..Is it? ……my father’s strength you see?…….in me

Is it?…… My mother’s mother’s………or my father’s father’s?  Hmmmm……do you feel? See? the love that comes, DEEP, from within, my great-great grandparent’s eyes?……..You see……Smile. Yes, you see, it is, the love carried on from within her eye’s soul……..loooonng ago.

Yes! The eyes, they are the keys to one’s soul……carrying the love, the burdens, the joys, the scars…..Can you see it?…..It comes from way down there…..inside……You see?…Down?…Within me?…..

Yeeeaah…..ha….yea….I seeee…, ……you see the dreams- yep they’re mine! Cuz, through that fear…. that you see, comes the courage….It’s how they knew….the wisdom……it came from the trials & the tribulations…..the spiritual guidance of wombyn…..not a mirage- it’s reality- the strength, the power, the knowledge you see….. I saw them- I saw her fear, her tears, I saw her worry through the years; His pain, his ache- life…..on his shoulders, to the point of break….ing…….the weight of it all…..yes- it was in his eyes….her eyes’ soul.

……To hold the pain from your children’s hearts, it was & is the instinct of my mother, my mother’s mother’s; my father & his, but…it’s within me, & I felt what was in their eyes… I saw it!….I saw it in the souls of their eyes.

Sssshhh…..listen!!!!! you hear what my eyes say?……Do you hear, what you see? Deep within me? It’s what I speak! It’s how I ex…press my…self!!! Listen!!!!.....SSSssshh.....They read & said: They could do all things through Christ who strengthened them! so long ago, you see it too….in my eyes……noooow, yes, it’s in my eyes……as it was in their eyes, & theirs & theirs before me….the strength of she, the strength of he, which came from the womb of she….I saw it in the soul of her eyes…& what’s in there is the knowledge…. is the power you see in “our” eyes…..the knowledge & power of Christ who also who strengthens me!!!!! , He strengthens us!                Philippians 4:13 

© LeTisha.Bowie

"Feel Me"

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mental Slavery

To "My" Sun

To "My" Sun

son (sun)

     seek her beauty that requires no need to hunt or wild chase-

her beauty shines radiantly, you feel it from within....the depths of your heart's soul, which is love's humble abode

-feel her confidence- feel her- bright, brilliant, serene

before sight- it's unseen....from within your being need to hunt-

Her electric currents flow from soul to soul-

A connection that requires no monthly due....feelings that just unfold

A Black Queen, She turns on your King....."The" you are, without the physical touch, yet your heart feels this sudden rush.....

not to miss the connection so rare, it becomes so difficult not to stare...

She, too, feels your two souls connect- Your strength, your truth, your respect for She...

She can feel you from within the depths of love unknown....

She feels your real Man, Your love deep

She sees no weak.....ness, no mess.....

-raised Man.....willing to give His everything to:

The Radiant Queen......The Sun....The Moon......Stars, Mother of All.....Head High with pride, Back from within....deeper than the  physical eyes comprehension.......

It is She, Queen to be...Love

-LeTisha Bowie

dedicated to "My" Sun(Son)


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In the Eyes Of

In The Eyes Of

                                                                         I see you

I See Walking Diamonds

The Incidental passerby

Invisibility of nationalities

Invisibility of fashionalities

Invisibility of visibilities

I see you

The concealed knowledge & power of you

Permeating your spiritual miraculousness only to the nonjudgmental

I see you

I see new birth

I see perfection in your imperfections

You are a diamond

Spiritually pure from the contamination of evil trying

Trying to crack your hard, transparent, incomprehensible strength & sway

You flawless precious gem-

They’ve thrown dirt, they’ve tried to infiltrated much hurt

Touched your heart with derogatory & negative mouth flow

Much held hurt

You’re still flawless

 You still stand

Able, as only “You” can


With “Your Own” illumination, as only “You” can

 Each diamond passing me by, in Her own uniqueness

Having Beauty of Her very own to share

Light the world with the knowing

Possessing you from alway;  from “Your” within

Only “You” can shine like “YOU”

I am the Beholder! Within you.

You are the possessor of your beauty.

Take Hold.

~Urth Eagle Tisha