Namaste' !!!

Eye'm so Grateful for all Who have taken Your time to share You, Your spiritual strengths, seekings, & connections with me. Eye have implanted Myself... on my all too-long awaited endeavor, to follow My passions of growth & upRising of mySelf. .....My Art, Poetic Expressions, & Spirit.... they express All things from withIn..... (As eye began to allow MySelf to see again through "Spirit"- Eye've awakened & been freed, again!!!) Connected to One Creator, Creatress, Lover & Guidess off All & All Necessary..... of All=Being......Of All Created & suppressed. Eye pray that as eye grow, you will also, & that You may gain consciousness, Insight, love, peace, growth & light, in Our space... Here at Urth & Earth & In Your lives.....
Peace, Light, Love & Wisdom

Monday, December 23, 2013

untitled 5

was lost on the road of Broken Heartedness,
turned onto Circle Neglected,
frustrated, I U-turned on St. Dead Expectations,
beyond discouraged by the dead ends & constant new beginnings,
….said forget it, we all grown!
either we grow as One, or the hell with it all together,
adults shouldn't have to raise adults!

Sick of all these damn Blvds!
Blvd Next Time'll Get It!
Blvd Try Again!
Blvd Not This Damn Time!
done paying these fines,
this torment should be illegal!
done doing time, for crimes I didn't commit,
it's become lethal!
my ol' calloused Soul, having given up,
She is the truly faith-Full,
always the shelter for my heart,
& while my mind did mourn day & night,
….it whispered... forget it!
why expect it?
but My Soul, carrying an infinite song,
sang don't ever forget Me....
we're off the wonder-Full road most traveled,
it is the heart's deadliest,
it is the road of short-lived love stories,
accomplished by bloody tears, fractured hearts,
& soul spills...

chose to travel the road of the less traveled,
where the physical isn't the coveted, but,the depth of Souls,
where appearances & external desires aren't solely the Sun's shine,
& where darkness is light...
as Her full Moon peers through,
revealing bottled up inner beauties,
Tear's pleasures & Anguishes inhibited...
it is the home of dreams smothered & deterred...

for those who know... discover...
embrace this beauty...
tasting the honey withIn the shadows,
Know, that we always dwell in the amorousness & luminance of the night...
of Rt. Hope & ReBirth,
where Souls peer through, for this is Her origin...
Walk with Me...
Here the aureole is so brilliant, that walking is the only sensible means to travel now.
& we will bathe in the aura of Love's true knowledge & beaut...

© LeTisha.Woods 10/26/2013


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